Want to contact and connect? Here is a simple way. Look at the following image and follow it strictly.

Now why I created this image and why I am writing about it.

First & foremost, I am active (so called) on LinkedIn, on Google Plus and on Medium for professional purpose, for social purpose & for national purpose. That also means I want to get connected extra ordinary professionals, social workers & national workers for cause & for reason. I am not active on these platforms for personal purpose.

In addition, I want to make my gifted life & gifted birth simple, useful and meaningful than entertaining.

I do get entertained. I enjoy entertainment. I also have predefined entertainment time.

Having said this, I enjoy getting entertained by books, by articles, by world classic films (and not only Indian films), world classic drama and above all, task in hand that is given to me by someone. With pay or without pay.

Somehow I don’t enjoy getting entertained by awake people around.

I also no fear to accept this fact that I failed to convince people around.

Around means immediate family members in home, out of home, distant family members, (so called) friends, people on Indian roads, people in Indian society, people across India, politics plus religion plus cast (so called) leaders to whom I called as Rajkiya Mahamantri (राजकीय महामंत्री), Dharmik Mahamantri (धार्मिक महामंत्री) & Jatiya Mahamantri (जातीय महामंत्री) respectively. Somehow I have no appetite, no knowledge and no education on how to get entertained by living Indians.

In addition I also don’t enjoy other entertaining mediums and/or platforms like printed Indian News papers, Indian magazines, Indian TV News Channels, Indian TV Serials, Indian TV Reality Shows, Private Indian Award functions, Indian festivals, etc. All of them are funny and none of them got any empathy and sympathy for any or every Indian.

And this is my point of view and my perception based on experience.

I started working when I was in 7th standard. Since then I realized, understood, validated & analyzed that working means completing the task in hand in time or before time. Task in hand could be anything. Completing task in hand means complete the task (whatever it may be) to its defined definition in time or before time. There is no space & scope to complete the task after designated & defined time. Now to complete the task in hand to its definition requires and needs undivided, undisturbed and with no distraction attention of respective individual. Individual also requires necessary skills to complete the task in hand in time or before time. Task could be anything. It could be coding or cooking. Writing or reading. Building or welding. Testing or developing. Drawing or painting. Stitching or cutting. Buying or selling. Serving or nursing. Speaking or hearing. Acting or directing. Driving or maintaining. Teaching or learning. 3D modeling or 2D extraction. And I can go on listing countless skills. Some (skills) I already developed and injected within my life presence as of today. There are number of skills (to whom I know very well but I don’t have it and I will never have it till my last breath & death) in which I have no knowledge & no voice. Individual also needs to speculate (based on his/her experience) time needed to complete the task in hand. Individual also needs to think, imagine, validate & analyze about any inputs that he/she requires to complete the defined task in hand.

My experience (personal, professional, social & professional) confirms to me that this is where there is huge gap at least in India. And I have no knowledge & data about non Indian countries across the globe.

My experience (meeting countless people in home, in colony, on Indian roads, in Indian society & in India) also confirms to me that this gap is there (and it is increasing day by day at rapid speed) because many people (with whom I interacted in home, in colony, on Indian roads, in Indian society and in India) pay less attention when they start the task.

They ask less questions before starting the task.

They lack in skills.

In turn, they are unable to speculate the exact time to complete the task.

In turn, deliverables and delivery time get affected.

Quality of delivery is compromised.

Time is wasted.

Efforts are wasted.

Money is wasted.

Above all, one gifted life & birth to that individual & people around is also wasted substantially.

Somehow all this waste (I call it waste of life, birth & national waste too) is also not understood by respective individuals and that’s is the time things go messy and haywire.

Having stated all above,

while I was associated with Dr. M. N. Cooper (CMD of www.modular-infotech.com), associated with Mr. Sanjay Khadatkar and with Mrs. Urmila in Expert NetCad and with Mr. Shrikanth Aithala, Mr. Senthil Kumaran, Mr. Karunesh Pande, Mr. Mithun Shitole and with Mr. Kiran (in www.alcyon.co.in), I took extra ordinary experience. Experience was enchanting, wonderful, incredible & amazing. Each one of them had fabulous professional skills that would help to complete the collaborative task in hand (in time or before time) which we all took it for Indian customer. Each one of them was master in respective professional skills. Each one of them was able to speculate accurate & exact time for the completion of task in hand. Each one of them was also master in defining the definition of task in hand and completion definition. I had extra ordinary association with all of them. In turn, every second of my life was satisfied. While associated with all of them, we had no arguments. We never had debates. We never had difference of opinion. We all had outstanding relationship (plus understanding for each other) with each other and with each customer to whom we were serving professionally in collaboration.

I also took similar experience when I served Mr. Suhas Mantri in professional capacity ~ Founder & promoter of Mantri Construction group.
When I served Mr. V. N. Lamba who was associated with Cummins Diesel Sales & Service.
When I served Ms. Mukta Sant associated with Renuka Construction.
When I served Mr. A. Shinde (PA to MD) and Mr. Anil Kumar Lakhina (MD of MIDA. MIDA is called as YASHDA now.
When I served Dr. Nitin Karir ~ District Collector Sangli and his PA Mr. Jadhav.
When I served Mr. A. P Shahane (EA to MD ~ KSB Pumps Ltd.).
When I served Mr. G. S. Deshpande, Mr. R. S. Jha, Mr. Pushpak Phule, Mr. Prajeendran & Mr. Vivek Nesrikar ~ all were associated with Thermax Ltd.. When I served Ms. Swati Vichare, Mr. Shirish Warke & Mr. Tamal Banerjee ~ All were associated with Forbes Marshall.
Above all when I served Mr. Ramdas Bhujbal and Mr. Atul Bivalkar ~ both are associated with EagleBurgmann.
All above (names) played extremely great role as Indian customer and I had tremendous pleasure, peace of mind plus beyond imagination & beyond expectation satisfaction. I learned many skills while serving.
I always had very little and to the point oral talks with all of them.
I always knew what they wanted from us (means our team) and when.
Each one of them knew actual deliverables to the point.
Each one knew my professional capabilities.
We all wrote more, we talked less and we all paid intense attention to the task in hand.

However, I did not find these basics, bare minimum, common sense & civic sense qualities in many people to whom I met in past & in presence.

Let me share few live examples where I am unable to find these basic basics:-

Let me start with my family members. However my mother was extremely good in documentation & in writing. She always pushed me to prepare checklist for every task in hand. She is no more now.

Our current plumber

Our current car garage.

Our current scooter garage.

Our current cycle garage.

Our current electrician.

Above all, recently (10 days of August, 2016 and entire September, 2016) I personally met (face to face and I stayed with each farmer for a day) many Indian farmers in Satara, in Sangli, in Kolhapur, in Belgaum and in Ratnagiri district.

Some are doing great. Some are doing bad. Some are doing pathetic.

However none (being highly educated or less educated) of them believe & trust in documentation & in writing.

None had checklist in hand for the task in hand.

Entire business model happens on oral talks, oral orders, oral decisions and oral deliveries.

I felt that this could be a great opportunity for me to get in to this business and experiment on my own on my own life.

Having stated above, right now I have no skills at all.

Right now, I am learning skills and preparing myself so as to prove myself (only and not to others) that agriculture business can be done in profits with systematic ways & means.

Right now, at my end I am making my checklist so that I don’t fail.

While I am doing my homework! I do get number of telephone calls on daily basis and Whats App calls.

In turn, I thought let me write to all how to get connected with me and how to contact me.

Above expression of thoughts is my point of view. My POV is completely based on my experience. My experience is my truth. It is not universal truth at all. And there is no such concept called as universal truth and so on.


This is Phadke SMN from India.

Student forever.