We’re all consumers in some way.
An Important Lesson from One of History’s Most Powerful Speeches
Zat Rana

We (our school batch) were taught this lesson long back when we were in 5th standard in India.

Since then, I’m telling everyone to whom so ever I meet.

On daily basis, we all are consumer and sometime supplier.

On daily basis, we all are in sales and we keep selling our ideas, our expression of thoughts, our needs, our demands, etc. in so form factor.

So don’t hate sales and don’t hate sales people

Above all, we all are actors and we play (against our will and/or intentionally) countless roles across the life since we become adult till death.

Last line was also endorsed, agreed and spoken by Mr. Marlon Brando.

I also read (some where I don’t recollect right now), Mr. William Shakespeare also quoted this saying everyone is actor.

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