What will you do with your surplus?

This is a powerful question raised by #SethGodin

Similar question in different form factor was also raised by many great Indian spiritual leaders in various locations across India in 16th century, 17th century and 18th century.

In these centuries, none of them had Internet, printing technology, digital printing, feature based mobile, landline, Smartphone, wire connectivity, mobile tower, telephone exchange, fiber optic cable, broadband, text messaging service, email service, voice call service, video call service, science, mathematics, statistics, big data, analysis, etc.

However, they could raise such questions in that period and empowered + educated + informed people around (alerted too) requesting each one of them to look and to think beyond their body and their needs.

I instantly remembered (some) spiritual books written by some of them (and not all).

I was fortunate + lucky + blessed to read in 19th century and in 20th century. I was also fortunate that I met some real Indians who explained me the thinking mentioned within these books with countless examples and how it is important to be thankful and be grateful everyday for whatever we got it.

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