Working together

Working together culture is naturally injected in joint family structure.

There are few who are lucky to be born and brought up in joint family structure.

I’m one of them. I grown up in 26 elderly people around and in turn I understood the importance of working together long back and since I was kid.

In joint family, every person got a task in hand.

They got Plan A, B and C.

At least this is what happened in our home and now I’m replicating the same method than reinvenveting the wheel again.

In our home, I also used “MapTheUnmap” idea that was taught to me by my mother.

It gave me fabulous results in terms of ROI and ROE.

ROE means return on efforts.

In turn, I took that idea for enterprises too.

This is #PhadkeFromIndia and I’m #StudentForever

We (myself and our team in India) work on 5 ideas namely #MapTheUnmap; #RemapTheUnusedMap; #Reuse; #GoMobile and #GoDigital

We use #StartWithWhy; #StartWithHow; #BeginWithEnd and #WinWin thinking philosophies.

We help people around to #workfaster, #safer and #smarter

We want people around (with whom we deal) to spend more quality time with their parents and with their family and in turn we help few enterprises who are keen to complete every task in hand in time or before time.

By the way I do this (#workfaster, #safer and #smarter ) first in our home and that is how I am able to do it for others with the help of team.

I use ideas (as mentioned above) in our home first and that is how I’m able to use it for others.

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