You read it right. Click to see.

Get inspired.
Inspire others.
Share and spread.
Let people around you know about it.
Let people around you know about your attitude to care about India and about Indians.
May be 1 or may be 10 or may be 100 or may be 1000!
Let everyone know
Let everyone see how each one can become a part of Neat India, Clean India, Hygienic India and Disease Less India.
Attempting is in our hand.
Let’s not fully depend on someone ( Mr. Somebody, Ms. Somebody or Mrs. Somebody) to do it for us.
We! Yes! You, me and all, need to do it today and everyday.
I’m doing it. How about you.

Above inspiring video is shared by my dear friend Mr. Shrikanth Aithala.

He care.

In past, we all (means team in Alcyon Engineering) did great wonders for global enterprises namely BHEL (Haridwar), TEMA India Limited, Thermax Limited and above all EagleBurgmann India Private Limited.

Mr. Shrikanth and myself, first we worked together on Thermax Limited.

He did some fabulous FEA wonders and his talented and extra ordinary technical support helped Thermax Limited to decide and to take a decision to order for FEA tool.

This happened between June 2005 to June 2006.

In this one year, we helped Thermax to migrate from 2D to 3D.

We did many activities across the year. I know it since I was the person who was leading and I wrote the entire screen play for Thermax Limited when requested.

I used #MapTheUnmap idea. Mazi Aai means My Mother starting teaching about this idea when I was in 5th standard. I used it on my own when I was in 9th standard. It took me 4 years to learn dictionary meaning, emotional meaning and message between the lines.

Since then, #MapTheUnmap is doing great wonders for me (first) and others too.

I also used #StartWithWhy; #StartWithHow; #BeginWithEnd and #WinWin thinking philosophies across the year that I learned from others.

Our 1 year efforts (I visited Thermax Limited for 53 weeks across the year by traveling 96 kilometers ~ to & fro ~ every week and investing INR 1.50 lakhs. I got complete data as of now) finally helped people (working in Thermax Limited) to #workfaster, #safer and #smarter and end result was very satisfying, amazing and outstanding.

This is #PhadkeFromIndia and I’m #StudentForever

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