You read it right. You saw right.

This video can be seen and heard by anyone.

What’s great about it.

However, when watching the video and post? Please switch off your thinking antenna if it is infected & damaged (accidentally and/or intentionally and/or purposefully) by Indian religion, Indian cast + sub cast system, color difference, gender difference, community difference and/or for that matter by any divide & rule infection.

Biased mind and infected thinking won’t give you the pleasure.

Being unbiased and thinking like a 6 years old kid; will give you pleasure, an extra ordinary experience and above all inspiring experience.

संगणक (अर्थात कॉम्पुटर) को अपना खुद का कोई विवेक नाहि हैं. Can we all digest and agree? वो जो भी करेगा जो एक इन्सान सोचता हैं. Can we all digest & agree? अब इन्सान कौन सी भाषा में सोचता हैं? Have we ever thought about it while using computer or Mac or Android or Linux based machines?

अगर आज के दिन आप १२ मिनिट और ३६ सेकंद इस चित्रफीत को देखने के लिये, सुनने के लिये और समझ ने के लिये व्यतित करेंगे तो आपका नुकसान तो कुछ भी नाहि होगा.

आपके विचार में बदलावं आनेकी जरूर संभावना हैं.

एक बार देखिये. एक बार सुनियें तो सही.

I also want to inform the reader that I came to know about this inspirational video because of Mr. Atul Bivalkar. We know each other for 10 years now. First we met in FY 2007. At that he because customer. He was offering his services to Eagle Seals. Eagle Seal later became EagleBurgmann. We (means our extra ordinary team in Alcyon Engineering) developed an outstanding and beyond imagination + expectation experience for their business by developing KBE based automation solution. I lead the project and we developed 4 projects for them. Since then, we both (Mr. Bivalkar and myself) started respecting each other. We started sharing only inspirational things which we heard, read and/or seen.

#MapTheUnmap; #RemapTheUnusedMap; #Reuse; #GoMobile, and #GoDigital, these are the 5 idea’s that I used when I started EagleBurgmann project.

#StartWithWhy; #StartWithHow; #BeginWithEnd and #WinWin, these are the proven thinking philosohies I used when we started on EagleBurgmann project.

When we completed 4 projects for EagleBurgmann, we found people #workfaster, and #smarter. We saved the time and efforts. We helped people in EagleBurgmann to complete the task in time. In turn, people started spending more quality time with their parents & family.

This is #PhadkeFromIndia and I’m #StudentForever

By the way we I this (#workfaster, #safer and #smarter ) first in our home and that is how I am able to do it for others.

I use our above ideas (as mentioned above) in our home first and that is how I am able to use it for others.

I experiment all 5 ideas on my life on daily basis.