Tim Kintz taught me

Surround your self with people more successful than you, strive to be like them. Then be more.

One thing I picked up pretty quick was Tim’s passion for what he’s doing. The man loves what he’s doing and you can tell just by hearing him talk about it, he’s found his calling. Maybe he found his calling years ago and is just now taking the next step (still learning about him) don’t know much but, what I do know is I’m honored and excited to work for and along side such a motivating and successful person. A few of the things that caught my attention most in his training workshops

  • Bypass and redirect method
  • Overcoming objections
  • Yes questions

I think these caught my attention most because they’re easily related back to my position with the Kintz Group and some of the selling skills I am still unfamiliar with. We can get into that a little later.

I enjoyed these methods because they’re pretty dummy/fail proof, not that anyone is a dummy or incapable of failing but it’s crazy how simple some of these methods are yet, we forget all the time how to utilize them. Like asking yes questions! You’re as Tim would say, questioning your way to the sale.

It’s not about telling your client why they need your product, it’s about making them see the value in your product on their own. I think Tim does a great job teaching how to do this with his yes questions method.

You want to see your dealership profit increase don’t you? Yes.

The Kintz Now training platform offers you the convenience and knowledge to take your team to the next level and leave you with the advantage over your competitors, which is what we’re all looking for isn’t it? Yes.

Is your dealerships future important to you? Yes. Now let me inform you on how Tim Kintz and the Kintz now training platform will do this for you.

Tim has been in this business since he was my age, he went from detailing cars to owning his own business and if that doesn’t say enough about his ability to sell…Don’t worry I’ve got a list here. His ability to sell isn’t the only highlight of his talents, Tim is without a doubt a top performing sales man. He could probably sell me an empty water bottle and I’d be fully convinced it was a mistake if I didn’t buy it. While all of this does play into why he’s the best trainer there is out there it’s not the only reason he’s the best at what he does. Tim is a motivator. He doesn’t just come and teach you how to sell a car, he teaches you how to build value. In this business consumers are no longer buying a car, they’re buying an experience. You have to give your clients a reason to choose your product over the dealership next door. Tim does that by not only incorporating dummy proof sales tactics but by getting your sales team motivated. Aren’t you tired of the high turn over rate on your sales floor? Yes. Wouldn’t it be great to get all of your sales members at a top preforming status? Yes.

Tim’s training is like no other, your dealership will literally feel like a new place with the right attitude and mindset installed in your sales team. He will get you where you want to be.


Sorry I kinda went into a -what I think a sales pitch would kinda sound like but right about here (in my position) I would utilize what Tim taught in his workshop about overcoming objections. I would probably get hit with an “oh you guys are too expensive”

I understand the importance of maintaining a budget in a dealership….

And this is where Justin and Tim (you guys) will help me learn wtheck to say. Still unaware of pricing and how exactly I’d handle that objection. But really there’s only a few reasons anyone objects to anything and it’s either the product or the cost. I will learn to overcome both at expert level eventually. Practice does make perfect.

However in a dealership, Tim really does teach how using key terms can make all the difference when it comes to bypassing and closing. The smallest details such as using the term get over buy or how to walk counter-clockwise or clockwise around a trade vehicle, he teaches the smallest yet most vital steps in closing a deal successfully.

I still have so much to learn and I really can’t wait. It’s 3am on a Friday and I’m writing a blog about Tim Kintz. If that doesn’t display my enthusiasm I really don’t know what else would. So here’s to the future, Kintz Now! Clinging my wine glass to the bottle because it’s 3am and nobody else is here in my apartment so I’m doing a cheers to myself.

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