Connect the Dots: Brazile Distraction for Tad Devine to Manafort to Sanders

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When people say that those involved in politics are part of a “profession”, it is indeed true. Just as in any business, like-minded individuals are drawn together, meet and talk and develop a tight-knit group that seems to infiltrate so that the same individuals show up and are hired. But the average American doesn’t bother to check on this information and we can no longer rely on our media to connect the dots. With the exception of a few strong journalists, the days of investigative reporting are gone.

Now that Donna Brazile has come forward to create a distraction with her negative comment about the DNC, her profile is also coming under scrutiny. Many of us have known Brazile as the political strategist that seemed to bring clarity in her comments on CNN. But Brazile is a professional in the realm of politics and has also held loose relationships over the years with Tad Devine, the campaign adviser for Bernie Sanders. During the 2000 Presidential campaign, Brazile was Al Gore’s campaign manager and Tad Devine was Gore’s chief advisor. But working on the same campaign doesn’t necessarily make you best friends, but in the world of politics, it does offer connections for communication.

Accusations of wrong doing by Brazile isn’t new. In 2008 she accused Hillary Clinton of breaking the rules when the then DNC chair, Howard Dean, brought it to the attention that the Republicans in Michigan and Florida had moved their primaries ahead of the DNC. When Obama complied and removed his name from the ballot, it left only Hillary Clinton and Brazile claimed that Hillary broke the rules. Even the governor of Michigan stated that Hillary had complied with the rules, but Brazile seemed to disagree and this was just one of quite a few instances where she was a spoiler.

In politics, you have to know how to play chess, and play it well and both Donna Brazile and Tad Devine have become excellent at this game.

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Tad Devine Has Kremlin Ties

While many may be familiar with Devine’s face and voice in representing the Bernie Sanders campaign, Devine has a rather devious and dark past and Sanders is not only aware of it, but embraced it. Sanders has long been pro-Russia and therefore it’s no surprise that he brought Devine onboard.

Both Devine and Paul Manafort worked on the Presidential campaign of Viktor Yanukovych. It was well-known that Yanukovych was a puppet of the Kremlin. In a Huffington Post article they include a few more details:

“During national elections in 2004, Yanukovych ran for president and was initially declared the winner of the vote. The results were quickly contested, however, as widespread allegations of fraud and vote tampering brought tens of thousands of people into the street in protest.

This so-called Orange Revolution led to the country’s supreme court [sic] nullifying the result and ordering a rerun of the election. Yanukovych was defeated in the second vote and the pro-western Viktor Yushchenko became president.

But Yanukovych remained a fixture of Ukraine’s politics, becoming prime minister again from 2006 to 2007 and then going on to win the 2010 presidential election. Although international observers deemed the 2010 vote free and fair, Yanukovych’s presidency was rife with allegations of corruption and bribery.

The distrust and resentment toward Yanukovych’s administration came to a head in 2013, when he pulled out of an agreement that would have brought the country closer ties with the European Union. Instead, the pro-Kremlin Yanukovych decided to move the country further into Russia’s economic sphere.”

The article continues with Manafort’s connections to the Ukraine and Russia:

“Manafort first officially started working with Yanukovych and his pro-Russian Party of Regions in 2006, acting as a political consultant and helping to burnish the party’s tarnished image for parliamentary elections that year.

Manafort molded Yanukovych and other members of his party into more presentable politicians, even down to advising them on their hair and clothes, according to a Washington Post report on Manafort’s work in Ukraine. U.S. diplomats in the country sent a cable back to the State Department in 2006 observing that the Party of Regions was shifting from “a haven for Donetsk-based mobsters and oligarchs” into something more polished looking.

Yanukovych and his party continued to be prominent players in Ukrainian politics ― even after Yanukovych lost the office of prime minister in 2007 ― but they gained new prominence in the run-up to the 2010 Ukrainian election. Manafort advised Yanukovych during his successful campaign for president that year, which saw the Ukrainian leader rail against his country’s bid for joining NATO and seek better ties with Russia.”

Now that we are seeing Manafort’s indictment and the fact that he didn’t release the volumes of money received with his work in foreign governments (Ukraine is just one), we can reference the Politico page that shows that Tad Devine was also involved in the Yanukovych campaign:

“A longtime Democratic consultant, Devine worked on Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000 and John Kerry’s in 2004. He worked with Paul Manafort on Viktor Yanukovych’s 2010 presidential campaign, but backed away after the election, when Yanukovych began clamping down on dissent.”

While naysayers state that this doesn’t necessarily indicate that Manafort and Devine were integrally involved in working together, you have to ask yourself the question: Exactly how many Americans are involved in a foreign campaign of this stature and don’t work together?

In an April 2, 2017 article by investigative reporter Bill Palmer, he basically brings this entire topic forward in

“Bernie Sanders must disclose what he knows about his campaign adviser Tad Devine and Russia”

Palmer includes:

“Bernie’s 2016 presidential campaign employed a chief strategist named Tad Devine. You may recall him from his previous high ranking roles in the campaigns of John Kerry and Al Gore. But what’s less widely known is that Devine also helped get Kremlin puppet Viktor Yanukovich elected as the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Also working on that same campaign: Paul Manafort, who was allegedly taking tens of millions of dollars under the table from a Kremlin intermediary at the time, and who went on to become the chairman of Donald Trump’s Russia-tainted 2016 presidential campaign.

How closely did Manafort and Devine work together on Yanukovich’s campaign? That’s rather sparsely documented. For instance this Slate article (link) confirms that they did both work for his campaign. According to this Politico article (link), they know each other well enough that Bernie’s campaign manager asked Devine to reach out to Manafort at one point to try to set up a Trump-Sanders debate.

“But what’s not known is whether Tad Devine was aware, or has since become aware, that Paul Manafort was being paid off the books by the Kremlin for his work on that Yanukovich campaign. Moreover, with Yanukovich having been a Kremlin puppet, it’s fair to ask Devine how he was being paid for his own work on the campaign. In fact, considering how allegedly dirty Manafort’s relationship was with Yanukovich and the Kremlin during that campaign, one would think Devine would want to step forward and preemptively clear his own name.”

Beyond Tad Devine reaping millions of dollars as a Sanders consultant, filtered into his organization called “Old Towne Media”, Devine has had a career in mostly unsuccessful national and international politics.

One can’t rely on the sketchy information in Wikipedia, as this can never be taken as a true source. This was proven as Bernie Sanders entered the Presidential candidacy and when Wikipedia refused to remove some of his dark past associations with extreme socialist governments and Russia, Sanders threatened lawsuit, and Wikipedia caved and removed it. The Wikipedia information on Devine paints him in such a positive light that you would think Devine wrote it himself. It also conveniently omits the fact that Devine worked for the law firm Winston & Strawn, LLP that represented Monsanto or that Devine worked for Jon Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, who was found liable for stealing the money of his clients and then forced out. The only reason this information is important is to set the stage for the kind of work Devine takes on and to get rid of the “halo” that the Sanders group seems to have given him.

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So How Does Brazile Fit In?

In my previous article: Brazile & Warren: Purposely Dividing the Party, I include the following:

“But if you could think of a method to continue to split the party, it would be yet another blame-Hillary announcement that would stir the pot for the Tea Party Left and wreak havoc in the mix. This is indeed what happened when Donna Brazile wanted to include some of the information from her new book and in doing so, she knew perfectly well how it would be received. Brazile, a longtime political strategist and former temporary Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, included an excerpt from her up and coming book and the media sliced and diced it so that it stated that she believed the Democratic primary was “rigged” in Hillary Clinton’s favor. But this situation is not what it seems, and within twenty four hours, Brazile backtracked the comment to try to clarify. But the damage was done, and she had achieved the attention that she wanted so that people would be racing out to read more in her new book.”

I continue in the article to say: “Senator Warren has added her name to the accusation of the “rigged” situation and in doing so she has stirred up the pot of the Berniebot and crat cult followers. One might wonder why Warren is doing this and one answer is that she is making a stand to become a potential Presidential candidate for the 2020 election.”

While both of these women have been called out on their mistake, neither of them have offered an apology of any sort and it appears that this was a well-orchestrated method of distraction to deliberately remove any attention from the Manafort indictment. One can say that the plan worked as the media has been in a frenzy along with the BernieBots. Like throwing a stick into the ocean, everyone has been chasing this misinformation.

Both Brazile and Warren have been known to be pro-Bernie supporters and if you thought this tidbit of data that was totally off-base was the end of it, you are wrong.

Instead of the media covering the correct information, they are continuing to include bizarre excerpts from Brazile’s book. In a Washington Post article they have listed:

“Former Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile writes in a new book that she seriously contemplated setting in motion a process to replace Hillary Clinton as the party’s 2016 presidential nominee with then-Vice President Biden in the aftermath of Clinton’s fainting spell, in part because Clinton’s campaign was “anemic” and had taken on ‘the odor of failure.’”

Again, the distraction on this completely self-centered chapter segment demonstrates that Brazile thought a lot more of her temporary position than anyone else. The outcry from a variety of Democratic realms, including the DNC themselves prompted the Washington Post to preface their article with an update:

“Clarification: This story has been updated to clarify the process that Donna Brazile considered initiating to have Hillary Clinton replaced as the Democratic presidential nominee. As interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, Brazile was not empowered to replace her unilaterally. Reactions from former Clinton campaign officials have also been added.”

All of this nonsense takes away from the true focus on RussiaGate and as long as there is a tie between Devine, Manafort and Sanders, anyone that is standing with the Bernie group will continue to create diversions so that the attention is not given to the potential shared dealings.

It is already well-known that the Sanders group “Our Revolution” is encouraging his followers to try to take over the Democratic Parties in local levels. His meeting in the summer of 2017 was covered in the CNN article: Sanders to faithful: Take down Trump, take over Democratic Party

However, thus far, the Berniebots and crats have been negligent at taking down Trump and focused solely on taking over the Democratic Party; so much so, that they are spreading lies about some of the Democratic representatives that are running for office that don’t pass their “purity test” and encouraging voters to vote for Republicans.

Is this article a stretch of the imagination? You can bet that there will be supporters of Bernie Sanders that say so, and that’s because they and the media have never bothered to have Sanders vetted and they refuse any information that will shine a bad light on their messiah.

For everyone else, it’s time to start asking the hard questions, digging below the media hype and to have some critical thinking as to “why” both Brazile and Warren would do and say what they have at this moment when they knew it would create a major rift in the Democratic Party!