Based on your last paragraph your not too different from the BernieOrBusters describing in your…
Van Tong

First: Psychologists all agree that ‘cult behavior’ is extreme, so your argument fails.

Second: No one stated that Clinton didn’t have any flaws. The article is about the BernieOrBust people. Your response is typical redirect when critical thinking is added and you have no argument.

Third: Reference the ending of the article, you did exactly as predicted: “There is a disconnect in critical thinking that extends into the psychological behavior pattern of those that are cult members, brainwashed into believing and repeating the same mantras and closing their ears to anything and everything else.

They will make accusations without any basis, accuse writers and researchers of wrong doing and ultimately end up doing the exact same thing as the Trump supporters.

This attitude transcends politics and embraces the same psychological approach that is taken in the historical aspects of brainwashing, and both the extreme right and extreme left have fallen prey to being conned while people in other countries have made a profit on them.”