ICE: The Evil and Ugly American; History Repeats Itself

Image Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Mainstream media doesn’t like to touch this subject. They don’t want to show videos and images of ICE agents dragging people that have lived and worked in our country out of their homes, children crying. They hold a disdain for putting Veterans that have served in our Armed Forces in jail and then deporting them. They know that these pictures look more like the Brown Shirts of Germany and so lots of Americans are unaware of how really bad things are.

All across the country there are ICE agents gleefully showing up in work places, parks and residences, yanking immigrants out of hearth and home and happily and quietly getting rid of them. This is Trump’s Amerikka. While the average citizen is attending football games, going grocery shopping and leading their regular lives, there is a growing number of people that have lived honorably in the U.S. that are being discarded….and very few are even cognizant that it is happening in such large numbers.

According to a Pew Research Center article:

“After years of decline, the number of arrests made by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) climbed to a three-year high in fiscal 2017, according to data from the agency. The biggest percentage increases were in Florida, northern Texas and Oklahoma.

ICE made a total of 143,470 arrests in fiscal 2017, a 30% rise from fiscal 2016. The surge began after President Donald Trump took office in late January: From his Jan. 20 inauguration to the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, ICE made 110,568 arrests, 42% more than in the same time period in 2016.

Trump signed an executive order on Jan. 25 that expanded ICE’s enforcement focus to most immigrants in the U.S. without authorization, regardless of whether they have a criminal record. Under President Barack Obama, by contrast, ICE focused its enforcement efforts more narrowly, such as by prioritizing the arrests of those convicted of serious crimes.”

But if you think the people that are being arrested are the criminal element of society, you are incorrect. There is a growing number of people that are simply average people, their only crime is that they have not followed the strict guidelines to citizenship.

Image Source: Democracy Guardian

ICE: The Brown Shirts of Today

Under the rallying cry of “illegal immigrants”, today Trump supporters and ICE agents are simply doing the same thing that the Brown Shirts accomplished in the past in Germany. Different words — same outcome. Those that have lived, thrived, paid taxes and enjoyed the American dream that did not walk the fine line of American citizenship are being herded up like livestock, processed and deported. Many of these people have been in the country for decades and some are children that have no concept of any other life. But it doesn’t matter.

The snarling and curled lips of those that support these actions appear the same as the bigoted hate that appear in any fascist regime; be it Mussolini’s Italy or Hitler’s Germany. They ignore that these people are contributing to society in positive ways, mainly because many of these individuals are doing more than the low life Trump supporters themselves. There is a hate that transcends all humanity as they are both jealous and bigoted.

I cover part of the history of the Brown Shirts of Germany and the comparison to today’s Trump supporters and ICE agents in my article: Trump Supporters: Today’s Nazi Brown Shirts, that included a quote:

In an article from The Holocaust Explained,

“In 1921 Hitler set up a group within the NSDAP that would protect his political meetings from attacks by rivals. It gave a military look, feel and discipline to the party. This group was known as the ‘Stormtroopers’ (Sturm Abteilung — SA) or ‘Brownshirts’.

Many members of the SA were former soldiers unemployed since the end of the war. As the SA grew in size, rather than simply protecting Hitler and Nazi meetings from opponents, they began to disrupt the meetings of rival political groups.

As the Nazis gained power through democratic means, the SA gained a reputation as a well-organised [sic] gang of violent thugs. This frightened and put many off Nazism, but others were attracted by the organization [sic] and discipline of a uniformed group.”

The ICE agents themselves are examples of this intense philosophy. For the first time, they view Trump’s Amerikkka as a way to carry out the jobs that they have longed to do. This is exemplified in an article by The New Yorker, A Veteran ICE Agent, Disillusioned with the Trump Era, Speaks Out

“The agent, who has worked in federal immigration enforcement since the Clinton Administration, has been unsettled by the new order at ice. During the campaign, many rank-and-file agents publicly cheered Trump’s pledge to deport more immigrants, and, since Inauguration Day, the Administration has explicitly encouraged them to pursue the undocumented as aggressively as possible. ‘We’re going to get sued’ the agent told me at one point. ‘You have guys who are doing whatever they want in the field, going after whoever they want.’”

It continued with:

“The agent went on, ‘The whole idea is targeting kids. I know that technically they meet the legal definition of being adults. Fine. But if they were my kids travelling in a foreign country, I wouldn’t be O.K. with this. We’re not doing what we tell people we do. If you look next month, or at the end of this month, at the people in custody, it’s people who’ve been here for years. They’re supposed to be in high school.’

The agent was especially concerned about a new policy that allows ice to investigate cases of immigrants who may have paid smugglers to bring their children or relatives into the country. ice considers these family members guilty of placing children ‘directly in harm’s way’ as one spokeswoman recently put it, and the agency will hold them ‘accountable for their role in these conspiracies.’ According to ice, these measures will help combat ‘a constant humanitarian threat,’ but the agent said that rationale was just a pretext to increase arrests and eventually deport more people. “We seem to be targeting the most vulnerable people, not the worst.’ The agent also believes that the policy will make it harder for the government to handle unaccompanied children who show up at the border. ‘You’re going to have kids stuck in detention because parents are too scared of being prosecuted to want to pick them up!’ the agent said.”

Fusing Terms of Illegal with All Immigrants

Trump’s entire campaign and continued rhetoric is blatantly anti-immigrant. It doesn’t matter if someone went through the process of becoming an American citizen, was born and raised in the U.S. or is indeed an illegal immigrant; he and his supporters have blended all of these people together. Their fear of people of color and those that have the ability to speak multiple languages is no different than the behavior that we have seen in the past during every fascist dictatorship.

There is no doubting that that are illegal immigrants that have infiltrated the country and are part of the criminal elements, but to put everyone of a different color or religious belief that isn’t “white Christian” into the same category is straight out of the Nazi handbook.

ICE agents now feel as if they have a completely free hand in doing just about anything that they want. They are raiding schools, parks, churches, corner stores, homes and businesses to round up anyone that is on their “list”.

Individual citizens are trying to post videos of some of these raids and when you view them, you are sickened at what you see. The ICE agents are happily dragging people away, no matter what their condition…and mainstream media is simply ignoring it.

Anytime there is a news report, it is filled with Trump supporters angry faces yelling “deport them”. It doesn’t matter that their own historic relatives arrived in the country and would not be able to pass the immigrant approval status that are rigorously defined today, it took only a few generations for them to forget.

The ugly American is out in the open. We are seeing and hearing them and their comments are nauseating.

Wake up people. We are seeing the country spiral in a direction that raises bile in our stomachs and silence while going about your daily lives….is simply the same “approval” that happened in Germany.

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