When Will Americans Scream: “ENOUGH”

Image Source: Salon

For anyone that has studied history it is painfully obvious that those individuals that support an agenda of racism and bigotry are never satisfied. In the world of the trumptrolls, this equates to segregating everyone that isn’t “white” and their version of “Christian,” and their hate runs very deep. Nothing is bad enough, destructive enough, mean enough, or horrendous enough for them. Their desire is the total destruction of every person of color or alternate religion, and they will continue to spread their lies to get what they want. The question that has arisen is when will true Americans reach their tipping point to stop the hemorrhaging?

There have always been a stream of those that harbor hate in their hearts, but in the past, they realized that it was socially unacceptable to spew their prejudice. The orange dictator wannabe has changed all of that, giving these individuals carte blanche to crawl out from the slime and demand that their disgusting opinions and misinformation be considered mainstream. Those that dare to stand up to them find out that most have serious mental issues and when you call them out they refer to it as a “difference of opinion.” This is the direction that they have been led; the brainwashing propaganda that tells them that when they promote “wrong,” those that state what is correct are just having a difference in ideology. They have bought into the cult behavior that everyone that doesn’t agree with them is the enemy, and their agenda of life is that only their kind should have rights and privileges.

The deliberate manipulation of such sources as Fox/Breitbart/Sinclair have repeated the drum beats of hate to validate their belief system and they are told that the Hitler-esque behavior of trump is the answer to getting what they think they deserve. Sadly, their cult mentality is so bent that they ignore and even support legislation that rewards the rich, destroys the planet, and undermines the very base of our Democratic experiment; while they cheer on. Some might say that the trump supporters are simply stupid, and that might very well be. However, those that are against such idiocies are larger in numbers and by remaining silent, they are allowing and even enabling these sycophants to take over.

The trumptroll political tribal behavior has been wrapped around so much misinformation and over 9,000 lies that trump has stated, that it has reduced our country in the eyes of the world. The goal of those that support trump is the same as trump himself: throw out enough lies and repeat them enough so that they go viral. They know that the human brain simply can’t keep up with the sheer volume and most people won’t fact check.

A Hilltv article entitled: Juan Williams: Trump’s witches’ brew has made America sick:

“There are hundreds of alt-right social media accounts that pump inflammatory, conspiratorial nonsense into our politics on a daily basis. They are aided by trolls, bots and all manner of digital malfeasance, especially by the Russians.

Last week, it was reported that U.S. Cyber Command disrupted a big push by Russian trolls on the day of the 2018 midterm elections.

And Trump’s base eats it up.

A Hill-HarrisX survey taken last month found that Trump still enjoys a 79 percent approval rating among the shrinking number of people who are self-described Republicans.”

The article also includes:

“Trump has succeeded in using social media to open a Pandora’s Box of racism, hatred, paranoia, conspiracy-mongering, and rejection of the legitimacy of major American institutions, from the courts to the CIA.”

Image Source: ABC7News

Time to Grow a Pair and Stand up to the Dictatorship

We are in a Constitutional crisis, plain and simple. For a majority of Americans, as long as they “think” the economy is doing ok and the politics doesn’t interrupt their lives, they aren’t willing to take any kind of action. But as we saw with the last recession, these things begin slowly and then snowball out of control. A good economy isn’t excuse enough to let the blatant racism, bigotry, sexism, and hate go unchecked. If the approval of white supremacists isn’t enough, the fact that children are being separated from their parents and caged should have your blood boiling.

This isn’t America….trump has created Amerikkka

We already know how incredibly BAD trump and his cult of followers are. In this age of realistic attitudes, we need to decide what we are going to do about it. The first step might be in the very mainstream media that seems to want to congratulate his disgusting behavior. Contacting all of the media sources (except Fox, which is an entertainment channel designed for the right wing) via email and phone calls. Now that might sound like actions that would hold little hope, in truth, the channels listen to the public that contacts them. They will still have a dichotomy between what will get ratings and what a majority of people want to see and hear.

A second step is to join or even start a local organization. There are already some on social media and the numbers can quickly escalate. This is how many of the marches were created but more importantly, it brings like-minded people from all demographics together. Even if you don’t think of yourself as an activist, it might be time to step up and offer to help in large or small ways.

The mere idea that trump doesn’t think the treatment of immigrants has been “tough” enough is a banner call to each individual that wants to stand up for the liberty that our families fought and died for. This is barbaric and the time has come to make it stop. We need to send the hate mongers back under the rocks from when they came and it’s up to each of us to play a role in this.

Talk to neighbors and friends that might feel helpless, yet want to do something. Get together with groups that may have strategies and plans in the works. Fact check articles, blogs, and memes that you feel are designed to brainwash and share the results. Misinformation has been the weapon of choice by the Russians and those that want to take our country down.

Sitting back in silence is no longer an option….

it’s time to DO something.