While this is really beating a dead horse, I really must comment on this screed.
Erika Esau

You missed part of the point of the article. Maybe you didn’t read it completely through. The Tea Party Left is continuing to try to divide through their attempts to take over the Dem Party and toss out anyone that doesn’t comply with their belief system. Please reference the end of the article: But after all is said and done, there is only one philosophy and attitude that must be taken to try to unite the Democratic Party. All must be invited to the table to talk and express their opinions and desires. However, all must also understand that we can’t get everything that we want. We must listen, learn and then make conciliations.

Democrats make up a vast and diverse group of people and respect must be given to everyone. One group, no matter what their position, cannot expect to get all that they are asking for, but everyone must walk away from the table knowing that they got a ‘win’.

To expect anything else is unrealistic. This is how it works in life, love, business and politics. The danger of the extreme Tea Party Left is that, thus far, they haven’t expressed any interest in working with the vast majority of Dems, only demanding that their agenda be adopted. Unless they change and accept their invitation as part of a group, they are destined to exist at the kid’s table, while the rest get to work.

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