How a young boy has been decaying in Baltimore since age 10: A Death Note
Kondwani Fidel✏️

Blacks especially those in the inner cities need to void themselves of self-pity and put on their big boy pants and face the world like everyone else. The main reason these inner city blacks are in the predicament they are in is because of lack of fathers, which in turn leads to broken families, which in turn leads to a degenerate group of people. What we need to be tackling as a collective is the lack of fathers in the home. We need to educate our children that drugs and gang lifestyle is not the way of life. We need to educate our children on the importance of God and family. We need to educate our children that without God, fathers, and family, a community will not survive. And one last thing we in the black community need to understand is that the government will never cure the pain within.

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