Nearby Notifications were discovered as a way for Android users to discover apps and content based on what is nearby. Developers used this technology to inform users about free WiFi nearby or similar services.

Unfortunately, Google has noticed the gradual presence of undesirable and spammy notifications that were hurting the user experience. Google finally decided to stop support for Android Nearby Notifications on December 6th, 2018. Due to this decision, the SOCIFI Beacon feature will be discontinued from that time on.

What will exactly happen to all Android users?
Android users will stop receiving Nearby Notifications.

What does it mean…

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, impacting how businesses collect and process data from individuals.

If you are our EU customer or planning to be, this guideline is for you. Please thoroughly read this document as EU GDPR regulation will change the way you can manage user’s data.

We have improved our Data Privacy to more than satisfy the new EU GDPR that will come into effect on May, 25th 2018.

1. SOCIFI GDPR Compliance

According to the new requirements we had to make changes in our Term & Conditions (T&C) &…

G2 Wireless & SOCIFI have partnered to establish SOCIFI Media through synergies of the two independent operations. The combined resources will enable a turnkey approach to monetize 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi & Beacons networks, providing additional sources of revenue for the ecosystem. One of the goals is to get a higher share of boosting digital advertising and content engagement on our network.

SOCIFI is a monetization and communication tool that allows network providers to benefit by monetizing 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi & Beacons, delivering specific content and advertising, and by receiving in-depth analytics of customer and user attributes.

G2 Wireless invests in, develops and monetizes wireless…

Usually, we wait with new features announcements to the next newsletter. But this a special one.

Today, we have launched Tracking Pixel URLs for all accounts and clients. With such a feature you can measure Views (Impressions) and Clicks thru your own (or third-party) monitoring/reporting system you use.

Tracking Pixel is used for the purpose of tracking actions. You will need to have the third party service where is the tracking URL generated. So you can then know the user has completed an action and you can measure actions in the 3rd party service. With UTM you can track only…

WiFi is like love. It’s in the air, especially in May. We have connected over 52 million users in more than 67 countries thru the air. And we would like to thank all of you for being with us.

The first half of 2017 is almost over and our team is thrilled to announce new features, product updates, and news in our roadmap.

Let us tell you more about the latest updates and plans. Check out more by scrolling down. What can you expect in June? First of all, some technological news and besides that, you can look forward to…

We have great news for all clients using SOCIFI Pay-Thru (Pay-As-You-Go Internet). With Pay-Thru you can enable Premium Paid Internet Plans and monetize your network with another tool. No wonder that now we proudly present Pay-Thru Overview 1.0B.

The first version of Pay-Thru Overview is in Beta stage only but you can get it even today. Simply visit your Beta Dashboard (if you are not aware of Beta Dashboard URL, please reach out to our support), click on your email on the top left corner and select “Pay-Thru Overview”.

When you click on this option a new window appears and…

Our team here at SOCIFI is really excited that we have the unique opportunity to present SOCIFI Wi-Fi Emergency Communications Messaging, live to as many as 30,000 local government, emergency management, and first responders. We are really excited about that, so we wanted you to know.

Our emergency communication solution is unique as SOCIFI is the only Captive Portal Solution that offers the ability to provide messaging to individuals who are on a Wi-Fi network and give them the notifications about emergencies, weather, escape routes, evacuation, missing children, etc. Why is that important you might ask? …

SOCIFI has launched a new feature allowing you to co-brand the main Captive Portal page.

With this option, you can easily add a logo or a campaign creative on this page to improve brand awareness of your products, services or your sponsor.

How to enable co-branding feature?

  • Login to your SOCIFI Dashboard
  • Visit Settings — Brand — Footer co-branding
  • Click “Enable footer co-branding”

You can upload the image (we recommend transparent PNG) and the image will appear at the bottom on your Captive Portal powered by SOCIFI.

It’s a big day today for SOCIFI. We would like to introduce you something we’re incredibly proud of. It means a big step to move SOCIFI in terms of big data and significant benefit for all SOCIFI Publishers and Advertisers.

We’re introducing our brand new SOCIFI Data Core system
The new system which counts all the data that is transferred between the Visitor and the Publisher and immediately reflects them in the real-time to each system and subsystem in SOCIFI solution such as SOCIFI Analytics, SOCIFI Advertising, SOCIFI Pay-Thru, and other tools.

Right now, at this moment, we’re launching a…

First Commercial Captive Portal Vendor providing CAP v1.2 compliant emergency messaging on Wi-Fi and Closed Network Environments

San Francisco, California

SOCIFI a leading provider of mobility solutions and services in markets throughout North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia, announced the completion of it compatibility testing with the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency. Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Compliant messaging system. SOCIFI is the market leader in secure and scalable Wi-Fi and LTE sponsored marketing, monetization and analytics. …


#SOCIFI is 4G & WiFi monetization, promotion and advertising platform. Sponsored data is the future of the Operator-Customer-Brand Relationship.

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