A Singapore Christmas Song

December. Christmas. New Year.

The cycle of a year is almost up again. Christmas, a Christian holiday is celebrated by all in Singapore, with Orchard Road decked up with festive lights and deco. A culmination of a whole year, a time of shopping and perhaps also a time of stopping.

19-year-old Ameirul Hidayat wrote his first song in 2014. For a youth with life struggles many urban dwellers cannot imagine, he brings a powerful reminder for this season— GIVE. Looking past all the superficiality, Ameirul digs deeper. It is easy to love the lovable, with loads of presents and our presence. “Our eyes are blinded, our minds are just crowded,” forgotten are the broken and lonely. The second verse brings home his message, not just of giving love, but a call for a proactive “looking for another chance”. More than just a convenient donation to Salvation Army, let’s decide to give of ourselves.

Lyrics of Give

Lights, trees and decorations
Face, crowd, familiar faces
Town, thats where everyone will go

Suit, dress and imperfections
Wine, dance and christmas carols
Fun, thats just the way it goes

But our eyes are blinded
Our minds are just crowded
To know and see
That there are people who need it more than us

So why can’t we give them a helping hand
Spread some love and share the joy
Why can’t we give them a helping hand
Spread some love and share the joy
Give them what we can
Cause christmas can bring us
Altogether now

So we’re gonna run round silhouettes
Looking for another chance
And we’re gonna raise our hearts up
Before the night ends
To hold the ones who need us
And to lift the ones that need love