Suzy Banister 2016

The visual breakdown of annual charitable giving in America.

The mental and emotional benefits reaped by charitable giving are borderline intoxicating to the average American. Perhaps the addictive experience of pleasure associated with monetary donations is the reason why 70% of Americans give to charity each year. Not to mention the added bonus of tax deductions, which may be enough incentive to encourage this ongoing trend of monetary charity. Regardless, the CNN Nonprofit Almanac and Statistic Brain Research Institute have concluded that Americans give 3% of their annual income to charity, contributing to a $1.1 trillion annual nonprofit revenue.

With such a substantial revenue, where is this money going? I plan on displaying the distribution of charitable non-profit donations annually among various segments. By communicating this information visually, the viewer can grasp the distribution of funds, and the large gaps between certain segments. For example, over one third of annual non-profit donations are reserved to religion, while the environment and animals reap under 3%. Encountering this information visually will allow the viewer to analyze the proportions in a manner that a data table cannot provide.

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