The Love of Your Life

You tried to write about him, to explain every single details;

The way he stare at things, the way his eyes wander when he over think, the way his pupils dilated, the way he smile, or the way he’d squeeze your hand and laugh in the stupid things you said. You want to write about all of it but you don’t know where to start and the paper was just empty. But it doesn’t matter, because your heart — your heart is full.

He is the humble one, he wouldn’t say a word about how amazing he is but he would tell you about how amazing things that happened to him. He would talk to you about his guilty pleasure and about his amazing view in life without even realizing how amazing he actually is

The wine taste a little bit more bitter after you kissed him, his lips are the sweetest. How come a kiss can contrast one taste in your palette? I think at that time I know something was about to happen, though I don’t know what was it.

Out of your conscious mind you take him to the beautiful places you love, the beach, the lake, the mountain surroundings and you look at him; you find yourself thinking, “If this is the last chance for me to share what I love with someone, this is the best chance.”

He doesn’t have to say a word to make you feel enough. You just feel enough when you’re with him. People told you that it’s a miracle how two different souls can stick together, is it a coincidence? You don’t know. Some things are too strong to be coincidence. It feels like you meant to meet him and this is for the both of you. You wonder if anyone ever feel this way, the feeling of meeting the old part of your soul, the feelings of reunite with this similar feelings.

Everything you shared with him feels so unfamiliar and new — and it feels so familiar and old at the same time. You stare to his face with a little bit of light from the bedside lamp, you wonder… How many times in life you will be able to get this blissful moment? Falling asleep next to someone you adore and you love wholeheartedly.

Maybe it’s as simple as you just really enjoy being with him. Whatever you want to do, he wants it too and whatever he wants to do, you want it too. Of course you have differences and you will have a lot more to come, but every time you talk to each other, you just realize that you can tell him what you don’t like and you know he will ask why and he will understand. And when he does tell you what he doesn’t like, you just know you’ll endure. Not because you’d give anything and everything to him, but because you both realize you don’t have to stay the same, love the same, and happy the same — moreover, you realize things are changing and to be able to keep up with each other is to tell each other what’s happening in each other’s world.

He calms you down, you power him up. You lit up his sparks that were there, but you just want to be a little sparks in him. You wish he could see himself the way you see him. You wish he could see all the little things that make him whole; his perfections — you would love to adore them and humble them for yourself and his imperfections — you would love to kiss these things and put them to sleep all the time he needs someone to do so.

For once after a while, you hope for a miracle — for this universe to be able to gravitate you towards each other. You wish to see him again sooner, with the little light from the bedside lamp. You thought the psychedelic got you high, it turns out the lips you touch with yours when the waves crushing in the background — that got you high.