Would You Rather

And you?

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The moment I know I’m going to be jobless, I talked to a couple of friends with full time job and freelance job and simply asked them about one question, “Are you happy with what you’re doing? How does that work for you?” It’s pretty surprising that the answers are very various as people have different meaning of happiness. Some of them have no choice but to enjoy their full time job due to responsibilities, some of them actually like it because they are doing it for the people they love, some of them said that it’s exhausting especially if you are also a social person because you just want to be in ‘everything’ and be with everyone in your social circle. Same thing goes to my freelancer friends, some of them said that they have too less money but more time with the people they love, some of them said they love the flexibility, some of them that are really good at being a freelancer actually happy to say that they have enough — both; money and time.

Again, we come to one simple conclusion; nothing’s perfect.

I just read a very interesting article from BrightSide, you can find the article here; that said that young people these days with the average age under 35 are no longer thinking about buying properties, cars and these kind of stuff — why, what I would like to assume is because the realization that bigger chances are always around the corner. Bigger chances to work, live and travel, these things have become such a big part in young people lives.

And mine too.

So I asked myself a question, “Rae, would you rather have much money and no time or less money but more time?”, my answer of course based on my analysis of this current life I’m living in, my goals and my passions.

​And you?