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Last week IndieBio was proud to host three top biotech and climate investors to a panel as part of our event series. This one has focused on the trends and opportunities that the pandemic has brought these past few months, especially as it relates to planetary and human health.

Jenny Rooke, Ph.D. is the founder of Genoa Ventures, named after her love for sailing and the sail that brings stability and performance, and she invests in Seed and A rounds where the focus areas are the tools and technologies that enable the engineering of consumer and industrial bio (no therapeutics). Ela Madej is founding Partner at Fifty Years VC, where they invests in Seed rounds as a generalist fund to help solve the biggest challenges in the world right now. Laurie Menoud brings expertise from the helm of At One Ventures where they are investing “where humanity is a net positive to nature,” with some emphasis on structural targets like agriculture and food to help reduce and capture the most carbon. …

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What kinds of companies can be built using plant biotechnology? Four scientists-turned-entrepreneurs discuss their journeys that led them to start a company using their deep knowledge of plant biology.

Panelists include:

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Watch the event or read snippets of the conversation below:

What insight led you to found a plant biotech company?

Haven Baker: At Pairwise, we’re working off of simple insights, which are: 90% of grapes are seedless and 90% of mandarins are seedless. We actually don’t like seeds in our food, which was our consumer insight. The technical insight is I’d seen a trial of a plant that fruits for 3 months. A genetic change can affect how long a plant can flower and fruit, and can be extended quite a ways. The combination of consumer and technical observation provided insight that Pairwise would be a successful business venture. …

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xRobotics just announced they’re launching their automated pizza robot next week, and we have a few insights from our hands-on collaboration with them on why robotics and automation can be really challenging to get right, especially for early stage startups.

When Zume killed its pizza automation business at the beginning of 2020, many thought Pizza robotics, and food automation in general, were dead. …



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