Enter SOUND and the SOUNDDAO

The creator economy gamified and tokenized

Over the last year it has become clear that people are interested in supporting artists and speculating on their success by buying and selling the artists NFTs. It is also apparent, as seen in the tweet above, that creators want to be creative and create but also don’t want to worry about selling their work. SoundDAO intends to gamify this type of creator support by creating an IRL, Play-to-Earn (P2E), game that incentives and reward fans for supporting creators, helping them to monetize their art, by air dropping players the in-game SoundCoin token (SOUND).

In the first phase of the game launch, players will recruit creators and help them to launch what we are calling their Front Row NFT series (FReNs). The FReNs are a very limited NFT series for each individual artist that align you with that artist and promoting their work, these unique NFTs are a scarce “patronage link” to each creator and only a very limited number will exist per creator.

The FReNs have in-game utility but also act as a VIP pass to that creator’s events online, IRL and anywhere else for that matter. These VIP passes are meant to change the artist fan dynamic and allow for a new type of symbiotic partnership — creator and promoter. Scouting out newer talent and recruiting them to the game is a way to earn major SOUND, the newer artists that a player recruits and helps to launch their FReNs the lower the initial floor will be and in this game appreciation equals points. As players help their creator partners grow in popularity the more the value of the artist NFTs will grow and the more in-game points and real-life value the artist and player will accrue. Players Front Row NFTs will be housed in the Metaverse (Decentraland, The Sandbox and Cryptovoxels) along with the SOUND game leaderboard.

After the initial launch of the Front Row NFTs, the game roadmap calls for adding more game like functionality with additional ways to support creators and additional ways to P2E SOUND.

How Creators MAKE Money

Monetize fan base by having fans sell, NFTs, Music, Art and Merch (Oh, and the best part is how sales go directly to the artists — — no middlemen involved!)

Incentivize Fans to support creators

There is a natural synergy in having fans support the creators they are passionate about. From mixtapes and playlists to art boutiques and dive bars, fans have always been the best promotion vehicle for bands. At SOUND we are creating a IRL game that empowers fans to share the music, Art and written works they love in a completely new way. It is our hope that by cutting out many of the broken parts of the creator economy and incentivizing fans to help fill those voids that artists will reap the benefits of a more artist friendly business model.

SOUND is helping to level the playing field for Indie creators. By bringing together the indie artist, the resources of each artist, their fans, and the power of Web 3, SOUND is creating a community where the sum of all the creators is far greater than that of each individual. This synergy is the basis of SOUND.

Next Steps

The SOUND token has been minted and SoundCoin is now looking to launch an initial SOUND Origin NFT auction on OpenSea or a similar but decentralized exchange. These Origin NFTs will have IRL utility, all the creators, venues and fans that play in the SOUND game will opt in to honoring these very exclusive VIP passes. These very rare NFTs will also confer the holders in game and DAO benefits. Proceeds from the sale of the Origin NFTs will be used to fund the SOUND game development. SOUND is looking to partner with an artist extraordinary to create the art for the Origin NFT.

SOUND is currently building a team to deliver on the promise of this revolutionary new game format.

Future State

Creation of the SOUNDDAO. 210,000,000.00000000 SOUND tokens have been minted and at the appropriate time the balance of SOUND tokens will be transferred to the SOUNDDAO to be distributed over the life of the game.

How is this IRL?

In the beginning of the game players will mainly earn points from discovering and recruiting creators. This will certainly happen online, though it is our hope that this aspect of the game happens mainly IRL fostering IRL connections and support for creativity and creative people.

How is this P2E?

It is our intention to help players earn SOUND by being active in the game and helping creators earn a living monetizing their art and communities. We believe one day the SOUND token will coveted in the creative community (after all it is SOUND money) but until that happens it will be fungible with other crypto tokens on DeFi exchanges.



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