When my branches broke off,

And my stump began to rot,

I felt air in my lungs.

And inhaled my inevitable decay.

I dreamed of this day,


I knew it would be a simple process,

Shedding my silk skin,

Growing out my roots,

I would be brand new.

Transforming into this creature I am,

Becoming more than human,

It’s all that I have ever wanted.

One by one my arms were cut,

By the lovers I handed red axes,

Layer by layer my core turned black,

From the cold touch of sad spirits

Sleeping within my heart in the evening.

This was my process.

I chased it with a steady pace.

Today, I rip off the last scab,

Tomorrow I step into the sun,


Now I have no temperature.

Now I am pure.

Now I am me.

Now you will see.

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