My Holiness. My Dignity. My Doubt.

I’m getting faster.
Pain hurts less.
Happiness soars higher.
The boot camp of my mind is almost over.

As the seasons change what will be my take away?

Never put all my happiness in the hands of another again.
The crippling crumble of their fingers around my joy is something I may never recover from.

Try not to want too much happiness, as this is selfish.
Happiness is reserved for those that have accomplished something noble or pure, in my opinion.
It can be as simple as existing as your true self.
It is one of those “most uplifting feelings in this world”, next to love.

Don’t say, “Never fall in love”.
It can happen, but it has to be with the right person and at the right time.

These are my commandments to myself. These are my testaments of life.

This is my holiness, my dignity, and my doubt.