Expert Opinion: Today’s Cryptocurrencies Similar to 1980’s Derivatives

Aug 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Oki Matsumoto, Chief Executive Officer of Monex Group, Inc. — a large Japanese brokerage firm — believes that cryptocurrency prices may skyrocket, just as derivatives skyrocketed back in their time and became virtually omnipresent.

Just to remind you, a derivative is a derivative financial instrument, a contract that entitles or obliges parties to perform certain actions with regard to the underlying instrument.

In particular, Mr Matsumoto said that back in 1980’s, when derivatives were just emerging, central banks virtually hated them, but adopted them fairly fast. Today’s situation around cryptocurrencies is similar — sooner or later relevant regulations will be created, and cryptocurrencies will become a fully legitimate part of everyday life.

There’s no arguing with progress

Mr Matsumoto also says that initially most people didn’t understand derivatives, but in 5 years the latter were included in courses at the world’s biggest institutes. The same could happen with cryptocurrencies.

We would add for ourselves that training in using cryptocurrencies at educational institutions is a wonderful idea. It would be a big help in the global distribution of cryptocurrencies. We really hope that such training will be offered in the near future. Right now, you can start learning about cryptocurrencies using #SPARTA — it’s an easy-to-use and convenient #cryptocurrency anyone can figure out.

Join us and keep pace with the times!


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Sparta is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on Blockchain and PoS. Sparta’s mission is to create financial relations that are honest and fair.

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