The White House Corrupts At The Highest Levels

In what new skin will the old snake come forth — Frederick Douglass

Donald Trump “The Racist”, Mike Pence “pseudo Christian”, Joe Biden “Jim Crow Revisionist”, Kamala Harris “Khameleon”. Believe this or not but what is truly one lane this election period is “White SUPREMACY” relevance knowing both side are complicit.

Joe Biden: The Architect of Mass Incarceration

This adherence burns me UP! Why is it that American Descendants of Slavery “ADOS” has to be politically inept & so instrumental in deliverance and redeeming time and time again racist and transgressors…

My life passions are Drumming and Engineering has been my life for over fifty years. Training, Professional Studies and Performances throughout the Denver Metro Area. Knowledge including Studies, Theory & Practical Applications. In-depth comprehension of Music, Civil Principles, Design and Professional Performances. These fundamental at an early age has focused and mold my endeavors in what has become a lifelong engagement in these industries.



The Fall of a Nation America

“BLM: — Black Lives Matter — Blue Lives MURDER! — The Catalyst

Capitalism is at the root of these problems, Racism in the United States works hand and hand with capitalism you can’t separate the two — Glen Ford executive editor of Black Agenda Report

On Contact: Analysis of George Floyd protests

This is about the inequalities of the past and the injustice and inequities of today!
What the hell is the more bitter battle of humanity at this most critical and pivotal time then to fight the monstrous war of racism and murder of the continually slaughter of…

A Funk Music Archival

A Website dedicated to the Creators the Memory and the Recollection of all the FUNK music on the Planet “The Real FUNK!”

FUNK is a black American art form derived musical category created in the early 1960’s with emphasis on danceable complex grooves with strong rhythmic bass and drum lines. Funk music has been an amalgam of music to its time of formation, Jazz, Blues, R&B and Rock have all play there part in its creation.

Talent Inspired Heart

Street Production Enterprises:

SPE is a music company specializing in Education Music Business, Theory & Practical Applications with new and established Blues, Jazz and RnB artist and everything in between. A full service music production company, with studio and access to the finest musicians global wide. Specializing in Education, Music Business, Theory & Practical applications

A full service music production company, with studio and access to the finest musicians global wide. If you have a project that needs inspirational sounds and quality developments get in touch with us today.

Talent — Inspired — Heart

Producing contemporary Jazz…


SPE is at the doorstep of the Digital Domain and all its virtual aspects when it comes to creativity in Music Productions.

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