Launch of ZETA β (beta) version just around the corner

May 17 · 7 min read

The founder of SPINDLE project, Shuichi Uda, talks about the transition of cryptocurrency market and the future of his project.

With updates on ZETA β (beta) version, a cryptocurrency hedge fund platform, to be released shortly, we would like to ask founder Mr. Uda about the changes in the blockchain arena and cryptocurrency markets in 2019 as well as how SPINDLE has dealt with such changes, especially those of 2018.

Q1. The year 2018 marked a significant turning point for the cryptocurrency markets. What do you think triggered the change?

Q2. As you said “the most apparent,” so you mean there is some other factor. Can you specify what?

*SPINDLE WHITE PAPER Ver 2.0 (Published in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian and Korean, but not in Japanese.)

SPINDLE’s concerns over the situations of cryptocurrency are as follows:

1 Free transaction will be undermined due to excessive regulations

2 Free transaction will be compromised due to excessive consumer protection, and the general public will be hampered from improving their literacy of investment

3 Decentralization (democratization of finance) will be jeopardized

1 Our guiding principle is that economic activities in general society should be free until a transaction in question is found criminal or illegal. We believe that excessive regulations may be limiting technological evolution.

Q3.Why is such an ambiguous situation left unattended?

Q4 .Do you think such ambiguous regulation led to adverse outcomes?

Q5. So there are multiple factors.

Q6. SPINDLE became in vogue as Mr. Gackt Oshiro joined the team. I think you gained and lost a lot because of this. As a founder, what do you think about the advantages and disadvantages of his participation? What impression do you have of Mr. Oshiro as a businessperson?

Q7. Ultimately, are we still far from what SPINDLE considers the ideal state of autonomy?

Q8. So, will SPINDLE change its goals?

Q9. What are the current demands from the market?

Q10. How will you bolster security?

Q11. Where will SPINDLE head for in the future?