Simple yet Impactful Renovations for Apartment Buildings

Through its work with emerging technology firms and government subsidy programs, SP Investment Fund LLC is involved with a wide variety of businesses that have a positive social impact. One of the ways that SP Investment Fund has made a positive impact is by investing in, developing, and/or rehabilitating more than 100 affordable apartment properties across the United States.

Renovations on apartment buildings can range from very light renovation, such as paint and new floors, to heavy renovations involving new kitchens and bathrooms, windows, HVAC, roofing, etc. Even light renovations can have a significant impact on an apartment building’s appearance. According to an article posted by, one of the best and most cost-effective ways that property owners can improve the condition of apartment properties is through simple actions like adding fresh coats of paint and installing new carpeting. Furthermore, color choice can have a significant impact. A recent article on Time Magazine’s website suggests that colors like slate, cerulean, and other bold shades of blue may be more appealing to renters than some of the traditional neutral colors like taupe or white.

Additionally, professionals in the real estate industry state that simple external additions like updated signage, clean landscaping, and new siding, roofing, and balcony railings may lend apartment complexes greater appeal. Elements like modern light fixtures, cabinet handles, and door knobs are also noted as easy and relatively inexpensive ways for property owners to improve the aesthetics of their buildings.