Code is Universal

Sphero goes global for CSEd Week

Sphero Edu has always been about the community. It started there, and it’s growing there. Worldwide. This year for Computer Science Education Week, we want to highlight our incredible community of educators all across the globe and the amazing things they continue to do with Sphero. After all, coding makes the world go ‘round.

In 2018, our photo and video team of two from Boulder, CO have traveled to the UK, Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, Israel, and Atlanta, GA, interviewing educators and students and filming their creations using our robots. If you want to get some warm and fuzzy feelings for the holidays, then you definitely need to watch this.

Teaching #BeyondCode

That brings us to the true beauty of Sphero Edu, CSEd Week, and Hour of Code. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what language you speak… what matters is that anyone, anywhere can come together and learn to code on a global scale. While students in the US are sleeping, kids overseas are programming their Spheros. And vice versa. All week long. And that’s pretty darn cool.

We’ve taken computer science education to new levels of fun and accessibility with Sphero Edu, and we’ve got 3 brand new, very “worldly” activities to help you get programming for Hour of Code. Be sure to check them out and go global for your CSEd Week fun.

Last but not least, stay tuned ALL WEEK for some serious deals on education packs as well as upcoming coupons, because everyone on Earth loves a good deal. PLUS, we’ve got an opportunity to win some free products with the #HourOfSphero contest.

Share your Sphero Hour of Code activities with us for a chance to win some bots! Post @Sphero on Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #HourofSphero and you could win a BOLT robot, 2 Sphero Minis, and a Terrain Park. Aside from the opportunity to win some awesome Sphero stuff, we’re just excited to see what our Edu community has in store for such an exciting week.

Happy coding, planet Earth! 🌎