Is STEM Enough?

How art creates a more authentic learning experience

The STEM to STEAM movement is no new conversation. Thankfully art and science are becoming good friends as education continues to fuse these two subjects together. Both subjects require students to engage in creative and critical thinking while supporting collaborative learning. Not every student will take interest in problem solving and thinking like an engineer, but STEAM is making everyday studies fascinating to all learners.

Somehow in this modern day, we’ve forgotten
that being creative is part of the human experience

Sphero believes that STEAM should not be a designated block in the school day, but embedded in everything students are doing. Knowledge of STEM is important in education, but imagination, creativity and risk taking are equally powerful. So… how does STEAM affect your students?

Learning is Better with Creativity

Blending subject areas allows students to learn cross-curricular concepts while engaging in a more authentic learning experience. Children are inherently imaginative, but we know it can be challenging for teachers to foster and develop students’ natural creativity. Somehow in this modern day, we’ve forgotten that being creative is part of the human experience. Merging art into STEM has countless benefits.

  • STEM + Art evokes critical thinking, risk taking, divergent thinking, problem solving, and tenacity.
  • No two thinkers are alike — the more we blend subject areas, the more accessible learning becomes.
  • STEAM bridges the gender gap. Girls and boys approach learning differently. Boys are thought to be at home in STEM while girls are thought to be home in the arts.

The arts are being transformed by science and technology, influencing the way work is completed, shared and perceived.

Arts develop creative confidence. Students who make things feel proud and empowered through the act of creation, which is key to seeking innovative solutions. Innovation comes from experimentation, collaboration, curiosity and being fearless. Creativity breaks the ice to enable learning.

Art takes STEM to the Next Level

Creativity in learning equips children with essential skills all fostered by the arts. Learning should be exciting and play is the most natural and powerful teacher.

We continue to hear more buzz from educators about how they are using Sphero to spark creativity in the arts across everyday studies. Here are some of the cool ways people are integrating art with Sphero!

Sphero Painting by Fall Creek Intermediate School, Fishers, IN
“Passport to Passion” by students of @MrWestgard at Greenwood Elementary School, Plymouth, MN

Are you doing something artistic with Sphero in your classroom? We’d love to see your ideas in the comments section below and on Twitter at @SpheroEdu. Learn more about Sphero and education. Full STEAM ahead.

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