LIS 724 — Pathfinder Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this pathfinder assignment. I used Lesson Paths and I absolutely love it. It is extremely easy to use and I think it lays everything out in a clear, easy-to-follow way. I like that you get a nice, organized flow for your pathfinder. I would definitely use Lesson Paths again and would highly recommend it to others. I chose to use the same topic that I used for the curation assignment, which was Technology Competencies. I felt that using a pathfinder for that topic would help people understand the topic better than just having the list of resources. Competencies themselves aren’t too overly complicated, but designing and implementing them in your library requires plenty of information and careful thinking. I think the pathfinder is a better way to cover that because you can provide that information right there.

Once I had my topic, it was just a matter of figuring out what kinds of information to include in the pathfinder and what formats to use to present the information. I made sure to include a variety of formats, from articles to videos to a PowerPoint presentation, so that way there are different ways for people to learn since not everybody likes to learn the same way. As I worked on this project, I could definitely see how pathfinders could be used in the library field. School librarians could use pathfinders as a way of creating subject guides, and they can collaborate with teachers to make them. Public librarians could make pathfinders for research topics that their patrons are constantly studying. Public librarians could work with school librarians to make pathfinders that show how public library resources can compliment or supplement the resources that the kids use at school.

Another way that public librarians can use pathfinders is to compile resources and information that compliment a program that they are running. These are just a few examples, but there are so many ways that pathfinders can be used. I think they are an extremely useful and helpful tool. They can be very informative and fun to go through. I would definitely try and use pathfinders in practice and would make sure that my co-workers know about them as well.

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