Has Facebook Achieved What AOL Could Have a Generation Ago?
Gary Vaynerchuk

That is NOT a good thought at all. I’m pretty sure that Tim Berners Lee didn’t concieve of the concept of the world wide web to be that way. I’ll hedge my bets that he still doesn’t.

Each to their own, but for me the whole purpose of the internet AND the world wide web, is in the almost unlimited choice of what to do, where to go and how to get there.

So even if google is one of the most used search engines, which could then facilitate an arguement that we’re already under some sort of thinner blanket of guided choices and options, Facebook as that option (or similar) wouldn’t be a BETTER choice. It’d either be the same or worse. I suspect the latter.

The positives are that this will now get the rest of the internet to sit up and take notice and the spirit of competitive forging should get some (or even one) to come up with something different or similar.

I’d love to hear what Tim Berners Lee and the W3C collective think of the aforementioned. The world wide web is designed to provide a near infinite experience, with anyone coming and going from any point as they please. I hope it stays that way.

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