A Patriot’s Guide to Impeaching Trump

By Saluman Idariti, TFP*

Friends, if you know me at all, you know that I bear no malice toward this sad and beleaguered president, or his followers. But enough is enough. It is time to take action. I have been reading, researching, and asking questions about the impeachment process, and I have come to understand it a bit better than I did before. And although I am no expert in the matter, I will share with you what I have learned.

First, we have all the evidence we need in order to begin the impeachment process now. The profoundly ill man in the White House as already provided us with more than enough impeachable evidence against him. He presents a clear and present danger to the safety and wellbeing of this nation. I have read many such statements from esteemed individuals with legal expertise who have stated this case.

Second, I am using “we” quite literally because it is we, the people, who must demand it of Congress. The founding fathers set it up that way.

Third, our part of the process is relatively simple. We petition Congress to begin impeachment hearings. Specifically, we petition the House, because that is where the Constitution says it must begin. Once the House takes it up, our job is to stay vigilant and keep supporting their efforts.

So here is what I propose we do. We begin by making our intentions known. Find and sign as many impeachment petitions as you can, and urge your associates to do the same.

There are many such petitions circulating on the Internet currently. One is currently posted on the petition site at the White House, and will be presented to Congress if it attains 100,000 signatures by June 12th. You can access it through the following link:


Another is promoted by MoveOn.org, and can be found through this link:


Yet a third was mentioned in Time Magazine for acquiring more than 650,000 signatures:


Once you have signed one or more of these petitions, and urged those in your circles to do the same, the next step is to reach out to your congressional representatives and make certain that they know you are in favor of impeachment.

It is of the utmost importance to make your representative in the House aware, since the case must be made there first. If you are not certain who your representatives are, you may look them up at this site:


Once you know who represents you in the House and Senate, I would suggest putting their number straight into your phone so that you can call them frequently.

If they are supporting the efforts toward impeachment, your call may take the form of simply thanking them for their good service. They do need to hear that — perhaps now more than ever. If they are not yet supporting your wishes, they will need to be reminded, frequently, that this is what you wish.

Most congressional representatives offer a number of ways to contact them. You can visit your representatives’ website to find contact information. Email and Twitter are, of course, easiest, but some of my research suggests that phone calls make a greater impression. To make the greatest impression of all, you may wish to visit your representative’s office in person.

Take heart, my friends. There may be stormy seas ahead. But the tide is turning. Everywhere I go, I see a surge of activism. We will not permit this threat to our democracy to go unchallenged.

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(*totally fictitious person)