I Don’t Know What To Do
Zach Freshley

What I am confused about, is why hasn’t the community of police officers done something about this? I always imagined the kids who want to grow up to be police officers being kids who want to be heroes. To save the day and protect their families and their communities. I don’t think the system would work at all if the people who we gave this responsibility to did not care. Don’t people become police officers so they can help keep their communities safe? Certainly there must be a majority of officers that do what they do in order to protect the innocent, right?

In that case, those who have worked all their lives and risked their lives to keep people safe are the ones being spit in the face in all of these cases. Are they content to sacrifice so much to protect people just for idiot brutes to sully their name and betray the trust we grant by hurting innocent people?

I’m certain that those officers must have the power to create discipline and accountability in their own organization.

Maybe this hadn’t occurred to them? Maybe they just don’t know what to do and are just as appalled as we are?

If there really aren’t enough officers who are motivated by these tragedies to make their own forces accountable and disciplined, maybe the system really IS too broken to fix.

That’s a really scary thought..

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