The Bio of Sofia de Santos

No matter what she’s doing, 15-year-old Sofia del Santos always has family in mind. Despite having family in Mexico, Sofia considers Milwaukee home. “Mexico has a more open culture,” she explains. “[But] I was born in Milwaukee.”

In a way, the city and the urbanism of Milwaukee has become Sofia’s family. She finds the people nice, and appreciates the fact that in Milwaukee “something is always going on.”

At the same time, Sofia’s own family is very important to her. Her brother just finished his freshman year at UW Madison, just in time to take care of the new puppy her family adopted. In addition to a puppy, the del Santos family also care for two other dogs, a bird, and three cats. “It gets crazy sometimes,” Sofia admits.

Family is all about constant improvement and selflessness. Sofia embodies those traits well. At Chrystal Ray High School, she receives good grades. In her free time, you can find her volunteering at animal shelters. She also babysits.

She also finds time to improve her own qualities. Her love for creative writing as well as her thoughtfulness and creativity are funneled into writing song lyrics with her friend. Her personal style of music, she feels, is R&B.

Sofia also has a deep love for reading about social issue stories. Not surprising for a girl with such heart and love for her family.