UW Marquette Scavenger Hunt

In discovering the things going around the campus, I began to discover more about myself just by taking pictures. The ordinary was made extraordinary…even when capturing these small moments.

  1. Something that makes me feel safe
A bench just gives that relaxing feel of a carefree afternoon with no worries.

2. The Newest Thing I Could Find

This freshly-bloomed flower, like a Phoenix, was born again before my eyes.

3. Something Familiar to me From a New Angle

This light post looks alien and strange from a new angle, not to mention to antenna-like twists of the trees from below.

4. Something beautiful

This statue at the garden is very beautiful to me, in a way.

5. Something that scares me

For some reason, I am afraid of manholes. Perhaps it is the fear of the unknown, or the fear of possibly falling in, or a combination of the two but manholes are one of my innate fears.

6. Something that reminds me of home

My family and I are always riding bikes back home, so these bikes were a little reminiscent glimpse of home.

7. A Close-up

These two deliciously pink flowers look very pretty bedecked in dew, shone upon by the light of the sun.

8. Something Random

These beautiful berries caught my eye as I was walking back to the Hall.

9. Something that inspires me

This miniature building in the garden makes me feel inspired because it’s surrounded by this beautiful layout and it makes me feel good about myself to be there amongst the beautiful things.

10. Something that represents what I learned today

This bus carrying many passengers reminded me of how fortunate I am to be having this opportunity to be at this camp. Many people, like this bus, have their rudimentary schedules and never get to do anything else but follow it. This camp has gotten me out of my routine and given me some independence.
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