NSW: Creating Asia-Pacific’s Best Start Up Ecosystem

NSW Government is committed to drive a culture of entrepreneurship across NSW. How do we get there?

Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) is an initiative from the NSW Government — the creation of a future home of an unique collaborative where 11 NSW universities and TAFE NSW are working in partnership. It is a not-for-profit organisation which will provide access to practical training, support and mentoring for students looking to establish and operate innovative businesses across NSW.

Since entrepreneurs and their ambitions come in all shapes and sizes, SSE will be bringing together entrepreneurial minded students across disciplines, across universities and TAFE, across sectors and backgrounds. As a result, we will see designers, viticulturists, technologists and business students learning together in a common campus — launching Australia’s future founders with world wider view.

Curious about what the NSW Government drives and what other steps have been taken? Click here.

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