A random blabber…

Hi! You don’t know me (probably) because I barely write these blog posts. I am not a fancy or an amazing writer with amazing punctuation.

So let me introduce myself! My name is Kavithya Senthilnathan and I am currently a final year student studying a BCom in Accounting and Commercial Law.

I love what I study but moreover what I love is the place I work at.

With it being the last year of my studies, I have seen so much pressure that seems to cover us in terms of finding the “perfect job”. But what is that perfect job??? If you sit there and just think for a moment, you’d find that it varies from person to person.

Now I know what I am about to say may sound hella cliche but what you want — is the perfect job! It is what you’re passionate about. To hell with earning the most money in the world. If you want to spend your time helping others in a basic customer service role, and you get the most happiness from it then you do that!!! Like Buzzfeed Violet say “YOU DO YOU”!!!!!

I know that there are a lot of other factors that determine what you do with your life — like family, financial situations, you goals and dreams, but life is the longest thing that you will ever do as a person and if you don’t spend doing what you love to do then what even is the point?

I am truly blessed to known an amazing bunch of people who inspire me in so many ways. I have a work colleague who is 4o and has recently decided to change his whole career path. He has done his masters in accounting and now he is doing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biomed. Like WHAT THE???? But to be honest, I have never seen someone love what they do so much. It almost makes me wonder about my own goals and dreams.

The world has so many opportunities, but somehow, we find ways to complain about the small things that are stopping us from achieving our dreams, which in turn acts as a barrier to us.

……Something for all of us to have a think about, I guess.

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