Privacy? What’s that?

With the evolution of social media and the regulations controlling them, a lot of information is becoming more public. A quote that really put this into perspective reads as follows: If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. This couldn’t be more true with none-other-than Facebook. With the wealth of personal information that individuals expose about themselves, Facebook has the opportunity to take that and sell it to marketing companies around the world. 
Privacy settings have been included into profile modifications to allow users to limit how much personal information gets out. For any new user, there are two major issues:
1) The account is default set up for everyone to see everything posted.
2) Not knowing there is the ability to limit and change privacy setting.
The first of the two is the most worrisome, if you every spend much time on the internet you will find many funny/stupid articles on people finding the worst and best of Facebook and posting it in a collaboration of the information that leaks. This can be daunting as this is how memes are created and in some cases, lives have been ruined.
The most important elements beginners need to focus on is limited who can see their profile, and then limiting who can post on their accounts. This ensures only friends see your private information and fewer prying eyes that may do harm with the personal information.

One of the worst cases of exposed information can be seen in the pictures below, where a beginner not only has used an unlocked social media such as tweeter, where their are fewer privacy setting, but add the incompetence of common knowledge and you have cases such as identity theft and credit card fraud. Two really series criminal offences in the America’s.
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