How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win
Caitlin Johnstone

I’m generally sympathetic, and find this broadly on target, but there are some epistemological blind-spots / assumptions that make your suggestions ultimately flawed or less than completely persuasive.

Example: this sequence

(1) Traditional media is lying to you/ is propaganda

Yes, OK, sure. Duh.

(2) So we should hyper-accelerate the democratization of publication and information accessibility.

Yes, OK, sure, Duh. 
Frankly old news at this point in the Internet’s history

(3) ????

(4) Everyone is enlightened and rejects the falsehoods we are being fed by corporate overlods ./ THE MAN, thereby moving us to a practical utopia.

The thing the you fail to acknowledge is that step 2 is already happening, but that we have no foolproof way, as of yet, to mark or tell particular narratives as “true/factual” so that everyone agrees on what’s what, meaning the scales haven’t fallen / cannot fall from eyes, no they just come in colors.

Instead, re: step 2, we have a burgeoning infinity of narratives. We have information overload, information agalmia. Effect? Everyone simply selects the one that best confirms their biases, because that’s how most people are wired.

So what you propose doesn’t lead to truth, or emerging from the Matrix.

It CAN”T. (also, very dicey associations there now, sadly, with “red-pillers”).

Instead it leads to delicious, seductive, customized and customizable flavors of propaganda, where“objective reality” (for whatever values of that you would like) tastes like water, and is back there in the corner under several layers of dust, all too easy to dispute or question with weaponized narratives.

Everyone* thinks their truth is the one. “Waking people up” implicitly assumes that there’s a dream state and an “awake” state, and what you believe is “awake” but they’re all dream states of one sort or another.

What’s needed instead, I’d suggest, is a massive effort to teach people to evaluate information *quality* as well as to acknowledge and contend with our inescapable cognitive biases, paired with a conversation about what kind of world / collective dream we want to live in collectively.

cf. ( #2)

But, somewhat ironically, this would simply be another form of propaganda. A good one, IMHO, but nevertheless.

Human beings construct their world — we *only* speak propaganda.

So the question is not how can we escape it or wake up, but which kind leads to the best outcomes, and how do we tell that story/ dream that dream.

I did like the BJJ/ Marcelo references, though.

PS Even if you fight a black belt standing up, it’s still not going to go well at *all*.