Why female leaders boost bottom line

Female Leaders Boost Bottom Line is the title of the Financial Times article appearing on my Leadership Network London group.

It details a study of how diversity at executive level increases bottom line.

It doesn’t explain why.

I have a theory.

Women who are now at an age and in a position to apply for management roles, grew up in a culture where being a woman carried several connotations related to inferiority.

It takes tremendous effort, determination, drive, and confidence to break through this invisible barrier. Qualities perfected by years of career decisions, leading them to where they are in a position to ask for what is due. Qualities that develop business acumen in the field to which they have dedicated their lives. Nurtured by a company that directly and openly commits to diversity, leaders become more committed to its success.

Leaders inspire, cooperate, and empower talented people. With a culture like that, it’s not surprising when it shows in an increase in profitability.