Taking music with you, wherever you go.

Is your music in a mess? STAMP it.

Being constantly on the move could be the manifest of our generation. There’s so much to see, do, create and eat! While we hustle through life we need one more thing, that binds the flow of existence into one fluent rhythm- music.

Can imagine your day without it?

I bet you’re listening to something as you read those words. Maybe from the comfort of your house. Maybe at work, or maybe while commuting to work. I could also bet, that in all those situations, you are using different platforms to get your vibes from. At your place, you might be using your computer to get YouTube a spin. At work, you are probably using Spotify, or Apple music. You can be using either a personal collection of mp3s or any other platform on the bus/tram/subway. Did I guess right?

As a constant mover myself, I like to keep my personal things organised and ready to go at moment’s notice. I used to have playlists scattered all across the Internet because I was using many platforms since I first found myself embedded in the Web of Things.

It never bothered me before I had changed jobs and switched from the wretched PC to my beautiful Mac. (I do realise I’m angering the gods of the Master race right now, but ‘frankly my dear..’)

Then the idea of STAMP was born. We created STAMP so with a pleasant click of a button, you can watch as all your music flocks to one, preselected platform, to remain happily ever after at your music player.

STAMP finds all the .CSV files on your device and uploads its contents into its database. Cross-referencing the information and uploading data into the platform of your choice. There’s no tedious searching, categorising or organising for you in the process.

You can get your music transferred from Spotify to Apple music, Google music to Apple music and even get your personal golden classics you simply forgot over the years into Apple music or any platform of your choice.

The thing is, you can easily get your music over to any platform you’d wish, depending on your needs (or ideologies). Now I have all my music where I want it. Convenient, easy and very fitting to my constantly moving nature. So can you.

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