Causes We Love: My Little Patient

Today, we’re continuing our Causes We Love series by featuring an amazing organization, My Little Patient. As a reminder, our Causes We Love series allows us to highlight awesome organizations and they work they do.

Kelly Crowell, My Little Patient’s Chief Operations Officer, took time to answer questions for us about the nonprofit and their work. I especially loved learning about the various wellness and education programs My Little Patient has — more info about these is under question #2.

  1. What is the mission of your nonprofit? The mission of My Little Patient is to transform healthcare in underserved areas globally by incorporating sustainable education, agriculture and research, while preserving cultural sensitivity and respect for the human spirit.
  2. Why is your work so important? Healthcare is not just about your access to seeing a physician and it’s not just biology of the body. It’s about treating the whole person. We don’t intend to only treat acute conditions, we intend to treat people. Through our various intertwined initiatives, we intend to treat individuals and communities by creating sustainable programs that help those individuals to be self sufficient. We examine closely the needs of people as individuals and their roles within their communities.
My Little Patient’s founder, Allister, is on STAND! We love his bio.
My Little Patient’s COO Kelly’s STAND profile.

Education is the #1 key factor to how long a person will live. By educating people and communities, we improve their overall healthcare. Empowered individuals and communities are sustainable populations. We have designed various programs that focus on the multiple areas that create wellness — more info about different programs below!

My Little Clinic: this project will up-cycle shipping containers into fully functional medical clinics for areas that are without healthcare providers, allowing local and volunteer medical professionals to provide medical care and community health education in those underserved areas.

My Little Garden: this project will provide education and workforce development on how to grow and harvest fresh local foods grown in those areas to improve nutritional wellness.

Kid Doctor: this program’s goal is to instill in todays youth good health, wellness and nutritional habits that will be carried into adulthood while giving them the opportunity to educate their peers and the opportunity for leadership.

E-Pals: through this program we hope to connect children from different areas of the world to help them understand the differences and similarities they all share through the simple form of writing to one another.

My Little Patient built and bought over 75 desks for this school, where most children have to sit on the ground to learn, write and study. Image via My Little Patient on Instagram.

3. How does technology affect the work your nonprofit does? We are lucky to be in the technology age where the world is at our fingertips.

Through technology, we are able to share our message and vision easily throughout the world and connect with other individuals that share the same mission and dream to make the world a better place.

4. How do you see STAND as a powerful ally to fulfilling your mission?

STAND is a platform that allows us to spread our message to other like-minded individuals and organizations that share the passion for changing the face of healthcare globally and improving the human race.

5. Why is the power of awareness important to your org? Being aware and educated of a problem is the first step to individuals seeing a need to becoming a solution to a problem.

6. What are your social media handles? How can we follow along? What can the STAND community do to help the most? You can follow us on Facebook HERE, on Twitter at @MyLittlePatient, on Instagram at @MyLittlePatient.

We’d love the STAND community to spread the word about our mission and make the community aware of our projects — everyone can help us change the world, one little project at a time.

Andi Teggart || Director of Community at STAND || @luckyandi || STAND is live in the App Store! Download STAND here.

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