Even when you’re busy, you can make a difference in the world.

We have an easy way to take action on your compassion.

“I’m so busy!”

How many of us have heard that response from just about everyone in our life? And if you’re like me, you often respond the same way — life is hectic and busy and there’s so many things going on. We get it. Everyone has a long to-do list and a packed schedule. But what if you want to give back or support a nonprofit or donate your time or money or resources? It can feel daunting and overwhelming when you have normal day-to-day activities to get through, but still have an itch to make the world a better place.

What we’ve discovered is that there seems to be a common theme: everyone has a lack of time, but they still want to do good in the world.

So what’s the solution here? How can we all get through our busy days but still make a difference?


STAND is a new, photo-forward, mobile app — a social network for people who want to make a difference. Discover amazing nonprofits, connect with inspiring people who also doing good in the world and create a STAND — to raise funds or awareness — for a cause you care about.

Here’s some ways you can fit in doing good into your hectic and busy schedule, leveraging the STAND app:

Make the most of your commute — a lot of us take a bus or train or subway to get to and from work. Rather than scroll through Facebook or check Snapchat, what if you took a few minutes to browse and support inspiring STANDs? Rather than crop and perfectly edit an Instagram photo of what you had for lunch, what if you uploaded a photo, selected a nonprofit you care about and created a STAND for a cause you’re passionate about? All it takes is a few minutes to give more meaning to your social media activity.
Establish a five minute daily habit to STAND — you’ve heard about simple habits that effective, busy people do every day….meditating, hitting the gym early, writing a gratitude list… but what if you chose to take five minutes to STAND? The STAND app is incredibly easy to navigate and in just five minutes, you can discover amazing STANDs (and support by favoriting, commenting, sharing or donating!), follow inspiring people or create your own STAND. How cool would it be to take just five minutes out of your morning to purposefully STAND with others?
STAND during your coffee break — take a break from staring at your computer screen and elevate your next coffee break. While taking time to caffeinate and power through your afternoon, scroll through STAND to get inspired for the rest of your day. You’ll see awesome, passionate people who are STANDing for causes like women empowerment, the environment, animal rescue and more. We promise, learning about amazing causes and favoriting and commenting on STANDs you discover will uplift you even more than that double shot of expresso.
Look for regular, day-to-day opportunities to pay it forward — we love this story from Diana who didn’t have cash to pay for her train ticket and the conductor showed her kindness by waiving the train fee for her. She decided to spend the train ride paying it forward; she donated $15 (the cost of the train ticket) to her STAND and within a few days, raised $100 on the STAND app for an amazing cause, Canine Partners for Life.

STAND is an app for those busy, always-on-your-phone people who want to do good in the world. Is that you? With STAND, there’s a solution — you can take action on your compassion, right from your phone on those days where you feel too busy to make a difference.

Andi Teggart || Director of Community at STAND || @luckyandi || STAND is live in the App Store! Download STAND here.

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