Paying It Forward — How a Train Ride and No Cash Fueled Diana’s Compassion

I recently was checking my Facebook app (for the 10th or so time that day…) and received a notification that I was tagged in a Facebook post by a friend and former colleague, Diana Kelter. Diana posted a Facebook status sharing how she didn’t have cash to pay for her train ticket, was treated with kindness from a stranger and in turn, decided to pay in forward — right from the STAND app. Likely you’ve heard of the “pay it forward” concept: it’s simply a response to one person’s kindness by being kind to someone else.

I wanted to share Diana’s inspiring pay it forward story with you — in her own words. I loved hearing how she used the STAND platform to not only discover a new nonprofit and STAND for a cause she’s passionate about, but to show kindness simply because she was gifted kindness from someone else. Thank you, Diana, for sharing!

Diana’s Facebook post about paying it forward on STAND for Canine Partners for Life

More often than not I fall victim to not keeping cash on me, and sometimes I don’t realize it until I’m in a cash only situation, such as on the Metra train. I found myself in need of a ticket with cash being the only acceptable form of payment. I explained my situation to two conductors and offered to do a pay by mail form to cover the cost of a ticket (which is about $10). They both didn’t ask too many questions, and as we got closer to Chicago I realized neither of them had brought a form and they didn’t question me when I started walking off of the train.

I was touched by their kindness to give me a free ride when they didn’t have to and it immediately made me want to pay it forward with the money I had saved. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by where to look, how you should donate it, what cause has meaning to me, etc. A simple act of wanting to do good can easily become overwhelming, until STAND immediately entered my mind and I realized I had an entire database of worthy causes right in my phone.

Diana’s STAND for Canine Partners for Life

What I love about STAND is that it allows you to pay it forward in such a seamless manner. In just a few minutes, I had picked a cause, created a STAND and donated all from my phone. The extra benefit of STAND was that I able to select and donate to a cause that I previously had never heard of, but instantly fell in love with.

I realized as I was taking the train how grateful I am for the fact that I can casually take public transportation independently because there are so many people who suffer from disabilities limiting where and how they can travel. Combined with my love of dogs — It was a no brainer for me to support an organization called Canine Partners for Life, which provides service dogs for those with disabilities.

At the end of the day, I was able to Pay It Forward to a charity that I truly loved in a manner that would not have been possible without STAND in my phone.

I think we all come across moments where we want to Pay it Forward, but without the right accessibility or direction — it’s easy for that moment to fade. That’s why I chose to Pay it Forward with STAND. It provided the immediate accessibility that I wanted, while still offering plenty of creativity to donate to a cause with special meaning.

Andi Teggart || Director of Community at STAND || @luckyandi || STAND is live in the App Store! Download STAND here.

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