Pieces of a tangent

That I overlooked too easily rebound.

Jumped back up and spun around,

Covered everything from ceiling to the…

Easily astounding but to look forever more,

As if back into my face,

Who knows what could be in store,

In this dreadful, awful…

A graceful exit into something less,

With the mess already made,

But to this I must confess,

There was nothing left to save,

If my instincts were all…

Then the night was still okay.

Then the night became the day,

And there’s nothing… to…



Is there like a periodic table for Covid or some type of organizing system of the variants? I heard in the United Kingdom alone there could be as many as 15 mutations separating the infections that would just be called Covid (Fill in the Wave). And that was like a year ago. I know the Common Cold has like a couple hundred variations and has been around as long as written history…



Sometimes, when I sit down


to write

Nothing comes to mind

And sometimes, this in itself

Presents the divine spark of creativity.

To effortlessly construct a structure

Of coherent thoughts Into form

that exists in such a poem.

Sprung from the nothingness of non-existence

Into something more.

Something that may just seem like rambling

But is nevertheless a logical progression,

From humble beginnings

Towards an end in its own purpose.


of time

An insight devoid of rhyme.



Ladies and Gentlemen… low and behold,

everyday we

grow to be old.

You could view this as inevitable,

truth be told it’s a goal.

We wise up into the whole

before we’re into the hole.

Abstraction fits the mold,

wise and old go hand in hand like

hot in hand with the cold.

With old always on the surface,

making us nervous, as if it’s on purpose…

passage of time,

part of my story,

what did I do to deserve this?

And wise only presents itself in

moments of service,

observed in person to person,

and isn’t always instantaneous

or even for certain.

Old is ever-present

though it’s always changing,


and conceptually relative,

but is wise just old enough?

Although wisdom isn’t measured

as easily as age is,

age is one way we explain ourselves quick

wisdom is in complex stages.