Lineage M vs. Lineage Revolution [Infographic]

Lineage M, which was developed by NCsoft using its own PC online game ‘Lineage’ IP has set many records in the Korean mobile game market since the launch of the game on June 21st. The game turned 100 days and let’s take a look what kind of impact the game has brought to Korean market.

Google Play Revenue

(Original Source: Mobile Index)

Korean Google Play monthly revenue surpassed $300M for the first time this July due to Lineage M launch. The market revenue increased about $100M (43%) from June to $331M in July. Considering Lineage M’s first 30 day revenue generated over $200M, it is guessed the game is also taking away revenue from other games. Actually, NCsoft’s revenue share in the Korean Google Play market has drastically increased from 2.1% in May to 56.6% in July.

Lineage M vs. Lineage Revolution

(Source : IGAWorks, Currency Rate $1=1,100 KRW)

Lineage M is keeping the highest grossing title and its CEO Kim Tack-Jin made a guest appearance in the recent TV CF in October.

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