First off, let’s strengthen the weakness!


If the government is serious about it’s commitment to the education of our children, it will think carefully about the next steps it takes with regard to the pupil premium grant.

Refining how this grant is targeted is understandable, but reducing the quantum is not. Indeed shouldn’t we be allocating more resources to those that need it most?
Helping those disadvantaged pupils enables the other children in any school to better succeed. Often these disadvantaged children, without proper support, can understandably be the ones who negatively impact on the other children in a class. So the pupil premium grant benefits all, not just the few.
How we intervene and support these children is critical because of the disproportionate impact and cost associated with them, both from an educational and a social perspective.

Think of a football team or a management team that knows one area or part of its wider whole is weaker and more vulnerable than the rest. Good leadership intervenes and acts to protect and strengthen that weakness. It does not do less as it knows what the secondary consequences will be. All great teams start with a great defence and the pupil premium grant is a key part of education’s defence.

Think carefully Mr Cameron!

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