The Unites States of America Cares…

The United States of America have taken a step in the right direction to help the 8.5 million dyslexic children in their state system receive an appropriate education. Kudos!
Yesterday President Obama was applauded by
Dyslexic Advantage and the US dyslexia community for signing The READ Act. The law requires the National Science Foundation to fund research into “the early identification of children and students with dyslexia, professional development for teachers and administrators of students with dyslexia, curricula and educational tools needed for children with dyslexia, and the implementation and scaling of successful models of dyslexia intervention.”

It made me proud to be an honorary US citizen! Well strictly speaking I am not an honorary anything but it made me proud to read the above and attached. (Obama supports building education bridges not Mexican walls!)
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we saw something similar here in the UK? We have the same proportion of dyslexic children as the US and the same challenge to support these children through their formative learning years.
We could drive this type of initiative too!
Because, of course if we don’t, I have no doubt that in time (a long time…) what happens in the US will slowly filter back to us here in the UK. Be it technology, social media, fast food, TV, dyslexic interventions etc but couldn’t we drive the car this time?! We talk about closing the gap for children who learn differently but what are we
actually doing?
I think every UK parent of a child who is struggling to process information and learn would answer that question the same way. We aren’t doing enough and what we are doing often lacks impact. 
Credit to the US for the action not the talk.
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