“…another day” she thought. “Another day” she said. Before she even opened her eyes she felt her face and hair with her soft fingertips. A deep breath in and a rolling stretch. One eye at a time, blinking and pulling at her eye lashes attempting to make them water up. She reaches out across the bed to feel the heartbeat of another. She needs love in the morning! “Water” she calls out in an inquisitive tone and puckered up lips. She rises in a way a dancer would from the ground, whipping her long dark wavy hair and swiveling her hips, chest and gracefully swirling her wrists. She hums a soft tune as she heads towards the sink to polish and freshen her pout. As she looks in the mirror she admires her deep hazel eyes and is amazed at what she is. “You’re such an incredible design. A beautiful purified soul revived from an imperfect temple.” …and she smiles… the same every morning, upon every awakening.

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