As a professional, I am not here to tell you school is a waste of time or that school is a bad place to be but, there are a few truths I will tell you about that will blow your mind. If you know me personally, I am a recent graduate of an academic program so I will be giving you two sides of the coin. By two sides of the coin I mean my views of being in school and my views of being an entrepreneur. Life teaches us a series of things and many of them are through the many mistakes we make. I will touch on these a little later down the road but, to dive right into the meats and potatoes of the article, school can’t teach you to have an open mind, understand risk and seeing the value in risks, and finally, the difference between saving for a rainy day or for investments.

As I was saying earlier, I am not writing this specifically to belittle the idea of going to school but rather sharing a few things I specifically didn’t learn in school. With that said have an open mind and see how you can acquire value or as I like saying GOLDEN NUGGETS in this short article. Now to be quite honest, there are many people I have met that go to school because it’s the next thing to do after high school which to me is ridiculous. If you don’t have a purpose, then why do something that cost you thousands of dollars a year and gives you no return on investment after four years of taking out loans. Now I applaud individuals who go to school and work hard in these environments to get a career in their field with barely any debt. By the way you CANNOT learn how to be an entrepreneur or build a business in school. In school, having an open mind to any other aspect other than graduating and getting a job was forbidden. Most and not all professors supported the idea of allowing a student to think outside the box; which is unfortunate. Now if you LOVE what you do I will always respect you for that and love that you love what you do. This article is geared specifically to students who are like me. The ones who want something bigger than the norm. I remember when I first decided to start a business 3 or 4 years ago when I was in college and I got very little to no support at all from anyone in my college to even some family members. I get it, success to most of society is acquiring a career then working till you retire but times are changing. As time changes, we need to evolve in how we think and do things.

Growing up we were told never to take risks. To me this is the worst advice you can ever give to someone. True taking risk can lead to mistakes but part of winning in life is making mistakes over and over. Now insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result which is not what I am advocating for in this scenario. Mistakes help you when you learn from those mistakes which is why, taking calculated and sometimes not calculated but trusting your guts/instincts risk is necessary. We all took the risk of falling in-order to learn how to walk. Many people want more in life hence why tons of people in my Gen Y category use social media to complain about wanting more, but most don’t want to take a risk to get what they want. We are so scared of failing, rejection, and many others that we accept less when we were destined for more. Taking a risk in my early stages of entrepreneurship is what got me to where I am now. We must strive to take calculated risk to get the many things we want to acquire. Within us, we all have the winning instinct and power to overcome hence why as a child, we were willing to fail many times at walking in-order to succeed.

Furthermore, only having a savings account for a rainy day in your twenties or early stages of your life is the worst idea ever. From parents to teachers, this is the type of advice we got on the day to day basis. I always felt like I was the biggest loser in the world when I didn’t have a savings account for a rainy day in my twenties. I believe every kid in their twenties should not only have an account for a rainy day but more importantly an account so they can invest. Whether is investing more in themselves or assets with a fantastic return on investment, having this account will help you in more ways than you can ever imagine. When we save for a rainy day, don’t get me wrong this is good but this makes us settle for what we currently have; which leads to many Gen Ys making Facebook posts on how they wish they had more in their life. Having an account for investments makes you think outside the box, and forces you to move out of your comfort zone.

With all that said, for anyone to achieve they must first and always have an open mind. When you have an open mind, you become a skeptic but not ignorant. See skepticism is okay because you are willing to learn more about something but ignorance is you just shutting down everything and anything that comes your way even though it could help you or someone you know tremendously. If you read this article with an open mind then you see the importance of taking calculated risks and having a savings account for investments. Sadly, I never learned any of these things in school and today, most kids don’t learn these things in school. I am grateful to have built a company with a partner that shares the same vision in helping youth and even some adults in understanding the importance of taking control of their lives. You are never too late or too young to take control of your life. We are solving many of these problems that the school system doesn’t teach, and we will continue to do so till we can impact many lives Build a better mindset, Live a positive lifestyle, and Create a new cycle.