Confusing your personal value with your job…

and other epic mistakes we entrepreneurs make…

I’ve had SO MANY entrepreneur friends reach out over the last few weeks, sharing how hard it’s been to have their own business… We all put on brave faces & share the successes. We rarely share the failures, because success breeds success — and failure is SO deeply personal when on some level YOU are what’s for sale.

I keep thinking I should get all of the small business owners I know together and form some support group for entrepreneurs — because even when it’s great, it’s a hell of a ride — and we all need folks to hold onto.

After recent conversations, I just wanted to put this out there for all the other business owners who are feeling fragile or like failures in some way right now (or who will in the future)…

YOU ARE SPECTACULAR. You probably started your business because you were a talented misfit and felt you had something to offer and that there wasn’t a place for you to launch — at least not in the way you wanted to.

Maybe starting your own business is what you’re meant to do forever. Maybe it’s not.

Maybe YOU, INC is your permanent home and you just need to hunker down for a bumpy ride.

Maybe it’s just a temporary stop in a larger story.

Regardless, we live in a time where people are launching into brands by the dozen — and the truth is, it can’t always work. << and sometimes it does :)>>

If all of us are really truthful about life at the helm of a company, people would hear a lot more about how sometimes “record growth” just means “not hemorrhaging money ●RIGHT NOW●.” We’d share less of our own highlight reels and more about how owning our own businesses shines a **glaring** spotlight on our own personal shortcomings.

Since going full time with Blank Page Consulting I’ve learned a LOT about myself. First and foremost, I am a TERRIBLE manager. I am an even WORSE accountant… and my desire to save everyone is constantly sabotaging my profitability potential.

BUT… I’ve given myself opportunities no one else could have EVER given me and I’ve been able to help SO MANY people along the way.

So to my brothers and sisters in business ownership, I want to say YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

We’re all grinding away trying to build something. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. We just don’t always talk about it. Maybe we should.

Either way, know this: 
Just by the very fact that you’re on this journey too, I know this about you — -> You are someone who will find success somewhere. You’re not content with failure ●{which is why the rough patches are so hard for you}● — but know that no matter where you find a place to make a contribution, I believe you’ll find a way to create your own success.

You are the kind of person who is driven by a larger purpose. Forget about your tax filing status and just remember what it is you have to give to this world — and then find a way to give it.